Forget smartwatches, consumers are snapping up these quirky alternatives

In 2015, the same year Apple introduced its smartwatch, a Kickstarter campaign launched for a very different kind of wearable device: a wellness-tracking gadget called the Oura Ring.
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I have pair of the Bose sunglasses headphones, I love them when running and riding my bike so I can listen to music, but still be aware of my surroundings.

I can see a big market for wearables once they prove to be accurate and provide good data. IMO we’re not there yet.

Sheesh maybe these things have their place. Ring is too big for regular wear. So-called watches cannot really be worn to bed as they require almost daily charging. Besides my air machine keeps track of my sleep pattern and sleep doctor says I’m good.

So fooey on all this nonsense. I go for a “smart” watch called solar waveceptor. You might also say solar powered atomic clock as it sets itself by WWV signal every night if I put it in the window. No batteries, no winding, no adjusting, just really accurate time all the time, within 1 second for sure.

Is that the one that goes into the cervix?

My fitbit charge lasts about a week.

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