For Parrot: Another dumb sports column; "The NFL is not a meritocracy"

The best lie the NFL ever told is that the league is a meritocracy.

And it absolutely, positively is not a meritocracy for franchise owners, the 31 people who like to fancy themselves the smartest ones in every room they enter. Sixteen of them have their multi-billion dollar plaything because they inherited it through birth or marriage, and you could argue that perhaps two of them are actually qualified to run an American football team.

The point about Shad Khan being a bonehead for hiring Urban Meyer is valid, but the author is full of it with her premise that the NFL had ever said that its owners are awarded their franchises based on merit.

And, by the way, Khan bought the Jaguars on his own from his own fortune. He didn’t inherit them through birth or marriage.

She complained about inheritance but one of the best run teams today is the KC Chiefs who are owned by the son of the previous owner.

He must be one of the two qualified to run an NFL franchise.