For MCarley - Denver Broncos no longer have the worst QB trade in NFL history

But, at least the 49ers didn’t give Lance a king-sized contract.

couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Kyle Shanahan, he cost the Falcons the super bowl and since Matt Ryan was not elite enough QB to say Fuck we are running the ball 3 times and kick field goal or head coach not overruling it either

I don’t think trading 3 1st round picks for Trey Lance qualifies as worst QB trade in history. Rather I’d say Trey is one of many 1st round draft busts. To me a bad QB trade is where you have a known element like Russell and you trade the farm for him and it doesn’t pan out.

I haven’t followed Lance closely, but I saw him play against the Broncos in last week’s game. Looked pretty good to me.

Peter King discusses this trade in his FMIA column today. I think he makes some good points.