For KC, Parrot and other Chiefs fans: What do you think? Re: Tomahawk Chop

Opinion: Hey, Chiefs: Champions don’t chop. It’s immature and disrespectful

Regardless of what one may think of the overall question, I think this statement sounds like a bit of embellishment.

“The Arrowhead Chop is part of the game-day experience that is really important to our fans,” Mark Donovan, the team president, recently told the Kansas City Star

As a Braves fan in the same boat…it only becomes racist when you are doing well and winning championships. It was not a racist activity last year for the Chiefs or this year for the Braves because they did not win it all. Its comical to watch a bunch a white men and women proclaim something is racist against the Indian population…

I could care less what political hacks think about this topic…

It would be nice if they would drop the chop. But they want more. Apparently it is an insult when someone meets sitting bull and saying “Hello Chief”. Besides that, the name “Chief” was the term used for H Roe Bartle who was mayor of KC about the time the Chiefs came here. So the other side of that story isn’t just the chop… they want to change the name of the team as well. I just don’t see “Chief” or “Indian” or “Braves” as offensive. Redskins - sure. And the chop would kind of like if the San Diego Padres had a celebratory sign of the cross after a home run, so yeah…that should go. However…I doubt you’ll convince 70,000 fans to stop doing it. I’m surprised they don’t get attacked more for modifying the National Anthem.

A thought, but technology being what it is - the likelihood of getting the Chiefs (or Braves) fans to give up the tomahawk chop is not that great, why not have the audio guys kill the crowd noise and keep the camera on the field instead of the stands. I think the Chiefs used to have a drum beat during the chop, but I think they dropped that. I have to say that in the Chiefs games I have watched…I could tell when the fans were doing the chop because of the chant playing. But I can’t recall the network cameras showing fans doing the chop all the time. By this time camera crews know when they hear that chant what’s going on…just kill the audience audio and no crowd shots while they are doing it. IT will limit the “offensiveness” to those in attendance only.