For KC and Parrot: I hope you aren't choking on the air too much

This city currently has the worst air quality in America

The flow of Canadian wildfire smoke into the Midwest means that Kansas City, Kan., has the distinction of having the worst air quality in the United States.

Told my canadian friend we need a wall on their southern border. This is year three of their maple flavored smoke leaking across their border.

I work downtown, very close to KCK, and have not noticed.
Probably due to all the cloud cover and rain recently.

Sure those are clouds?

The technical term for the air where I live most summers is “chewy.”

It has been raining a lot lately, so that is my assumption. It may be a combo.

Kansas City use to be very smoggy. Not sure if it is anymore. You use to see a haze around the city.

I must need new glasses


THey make it sound like this