Food Trucks

Food trucks, do you love them or hate them?

I have mixed feelings on them, if they offer something unique and are set up where they’re not infringing on a brick and mortar restaurant they are a good thing. If they over charge for mediocre food or set up close to a restaurant and take business away they suck.

In my area they’re pretty popular, we follow a few online and will order a couple times a month from our favorites. Our go to’s are a Filipino truck, a pierogi truck and one that sells poutine. I’ve found most taco trucks are over priced and average.

Most food trucks I’ve been to have been very good, but I try to get word of mouth before jumping in. This truck has the best brisket I’ve ever eaten, it’s in Austin.

Yea I tend to think they’re overpriced. My wife loves them though

As long as the business is legitimate and is paying the same licensing fees, taxes and other costs that brick and mortar shops pay, I am fine with them. I doubt that a good brick and mortar shop will go under from a food truck being there. And, in the area close to me all of the food trucks sell food which none of the brick and mortar ones do.

My biggest issue with one close to us is where it parks. It is immediately behind the exit of the plaza parking lot and blocks the view of oncoming traffic. Even making a right turn coming out is dangerous now. Shortly after that truck set up shop there I called the Sheriff’s Office responsible for that location and voiced my concerns. Apparently the truck is not breaking any laws, since nothing was done and it is still doing business there.

Looks awesome

I don’t mind when they do events or just randomly show up.

I’m not a fan when they want to compete with the brick and mortar without paying for the location.

There was a food truck that would often be at the winery where my kid worked. It was just a small trailor with the business name “El Tenador” I thought it was a taco truck or something like that. I did a bike ride that was a tour of wineries down there and we had food tickets, so I thought I’d grab a taco from the truck. It wasn’t a taco…it was Paella de Carnes. And if I didn’t know it was a food truck, it could have been served in a 5 star restaurant. Unbelievable.

They opened a place in KC in 2016 that was a spot for several food trucks. It was great. I am not sure if they are still open. It was nice because there were 3 or 4 trucks there and they had some picnic tables (it was all outdoors). The last time I rode past there it looked closed, although the sign was still up.

Westport use to the place to go drinking. I don’t mind food trucks showing up as it keeps people a little more sober

I am guessing it all depends on the situation, though like I said earlier, I doubt a food truck would put a good brick and mortar restaurant out of business. I went to school in Philadelphia, where food trucks were very common. A Philly cheese steak from a food truck was often better than one from a restaurant. There was one truck at my school that had a great reputation for serving many different things. At the same time, there was no shortage of brick and mortar restaurants there either.

I mentioned where I live now. There is the one food truck that I mentioned, plus three others on the other side of the that intersection parked outside of a high school. We went to one once, and it was not special. There is no place to eat there, so we have to bring the food home. Food truck food has to be really special for us to make that trip, and this doesn’t quite make that standard.

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