Florida still leading the way in COVID response

DeSanitis is the de-facto Covid response leader.

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I just spent a couple days in Ocala and holy shit was nobody wearing masks. I guess restaurant staff is required to wear them but I’d say 75% had it below their nose which does nothing.

Really puts to bed the idea that most Americans are masking up because of mandates.

The entire state of Florida is forbidden from issuing a mask mandate, and yet the spread of COVID is limited. Kind of puts to bed the concept that mask mandates slow the spread.

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Not sure how this shows FL is the leader. Aren’t most states doing this by now?

I get mine tomorrow morning.

Glad you are getting yours.
Just showing that despite all the partisan, inaccurate criticism of DeSantis, in all aspects of COVID response he is towards the top.

I get my 2nd one tomorrow.


Not much inaccurate in pointing out that he set up a special site for his wealthy donors.

I think you’re reading way, way too much positivity into the link you shared. It wasn’t exactly an unreserved endorsement for DeSantis’ EO. Just making more people eligible on paper doesn’t exactly put shots in the arm. Increasing the demand without increasing the supply and access doesn’t show that much sterling leadership.

Except that he didn’t.

Duh, the press has been relentless on DeSantis.
But even in an article that isn’t flattering you can see that he is doing things right.

He absolutely did. There’s nothing random about the site chosen. It was specifically for wealthy zip codes, chosen by a wealthy donor.

I got the first shot last Friday with the Pfizer vaccine. I got the email while I was writing my rant here in another thread last Thursday. I’ll have to run malwarebytes to find the state’s bug. Not sure why I was offered, but I accepted quickly. The 2nd shot is scheduled for the 19th.

You are correct, there was nothing random. Numerous factors went into the decision. But campaign donations wasn’t one of them.

Here in North Carolina, things are running rather smoothly for the Vaccine[surprisingly]. Right after I had the 1st shot, was given an appt. for the 2nd one which was for 3 weeks later.

Masks seems to slow or stop the spread, why would you think they don’t?

Edit to add:
I will elaborate.
In closed lab environments, with brand new masks, masking has been shown to stop covid-like droplets from spreading. In real world experience, masks have been ineffective at best.

Florida is ranked 24th for infection rate. Going off what friends have told me and what I’ve seen, surprised they’re that high.

Good link, but this one is better.
It gives up to date data, and you can manipulate the table to see different metrics.

That part seems to be working here. By the time I got home, I had an email providing the time and place of the 2nd one.

The issue here is scheduling. Many people have complained that if they don’t respond immediately to the state’s email, there are no spots open when they do. My notice was one day prior to the appt day, and I responded about 2 hours after receiving the email. I was surprised because I am not in the group that is still being vaccinated (over 75 or with stated health issues). The facility was not at all crowded and I only spent an hour on site. Maybe they’re getting a low response in my area.

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