Florida governor DeSantis appoints antivaxer as state's Surgeon General

I guess DeSantis has decided to take himself out of the running for the 2024 presidential race. As if he hadn’t already made enough bone-headed moves and comments.

Good. I can’t wait to drink all the leftist tears over this. Vaginas leaking all over the place.

That’s really the main goal these days. Policies don’t matter nearly as much as “owning the libs.”

It’s not really owning them so much as standing aside and laughing at them for being so pathetic and effeminate and fearful.

Nothing in that link shows him to be “anti vax”.

No, but he literally is downplaying the vaccine when it is the single best tool we have.

You are such a weird caricature.

I don’t regard myself as some kind of macho man. But I do understand it is not desirable or attractive for men to behave like women.

Not sure where exactly the confusion lies for you.

I am not the most “masculine” man but I am a man.

It was one of the criteria my girlfriend had. She didn’t want a girly boy. She wanted a man.

It’s funny how many women want a real man and not a beta male but date beta males.

How is he antivax? He isn’t saying don’t get one.

He doesn’t say they won’t work.

The title is misleading

All women want real men. Deep down they do. Men that can fix things, drive a stick, know what they want, and aren’t afraid of confrontation.

Many women get confused as girls by their shitty parents (or surrogate parents in the sports/entertainment industries or public school teachers) and think they want sensitive beta males.

But they figure it out eventually and then they friend zone those girly men.

My kid dates girly men. I’ve made so many of them cry.

Not intentionally but they’re just prone to tears.

I don’t get it.

Women want a woman who will keep them safe and confront them when needed.

You guys seem to be longing for the good old days, when men were men, and sheep were scared.

The sheep are terrified of the guys she brings home.

Nothing wrong with gender roles. There is a reason men tend to be larger and more violent. It’s biology.

Testosterone is why men are larger; more muscular and more aggressive. It’s the way nature intended us to be.

It’s funny, every time I say that men ought to behave like men, you pipe up & implicitly argue the opposite.

What exactly do you have against masculinity?

Liberals hate science.

They don’t get being a man is a biological function.

I think when somebody spends enough time consuming left wing propaganda in an academic setting, it is easy to confuse actual masculinity with “toxic masculinity.”

As with any trait, you can overdo something, or push it to an illogical extreme. But you can be masculine and confident and assertive without being an aggressive asshole. The two sets of traits are not the same thing.

Nothing at all. I just find your take on it silly. Anyone you disagree with is designated feminine and weak as though those are the worst things in the world to be.

It might be a slight overstatement to call this guy anti-vax, but he is going to get people dead.

A lot of brobbs rhetoric comes off as very ‘incel’, but I don’t really know the signs to look for. He’s probably the angriest person on these boards, except perhaps Ms Maven who sounds like she wakes up mad or scared. brobbs will say my vagina is leaking or some other nonsense for having this opinion and yet I’ll sleep just fine tonite.