Flashing on Facebook Home Page

What causes the Facebook screen on my MacBook to flash? This doesn’t happen on my iPhone or on other websites on my MacBook

This only happens with my Facebook newsfeed and is not an issue with my Facebook groups or personal Facebook page. The problem started after I updated the Safari browser on my MacBook a few days ago and when I googled the problem I noticed that there are other people who did this new Safari update that have the same problem.

If I download Firefox on my macbook will I be given an option of using it as an alternative browser without affecting the files I have saved to Safari.

The browser should not affect any files. It won’t pick up your bookmarks (favorites), but you should be able to export those and import them into Firefox. Saved Passwords won’t be picked up.

Does this mean that I would be able to go back and forth between firefox and safari so that I can use safari for most things and just use firefox for websites that have issues with safari

Yes. Your browser is just a tool to access the internet, the only files that are “saved” are cached pages, and those are only to get the page to present faster. But if you wanted Firefox for Facebook only, it won’t be a problem at all.

kc - Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.

Just got notified of a new update for my iPhone. In light of what happened with my MacBook update, I decided to google information about it before installing it and discovered some people are having problems with this iPhone update. So I think I will wait until the problems are corrected before I install this update.

When I used Windows 7, I always waited for a reporting on the impacts of updates and skipped those that created problems. I am now using Windows 10 and still defer the updates for a while, but Windows nags you until you install the update. Many fewer problems with them though.

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