Finding a long lost song

I didn’t know where to post this since the uncategorized section is gone (perhaps we need a music section).

At any rate, on Facebook was a silly poll about your favorite TV theme song. In the early 70’s there was a Latin jazz version of the Theme from MASH (Suicide is Painless). I tried finding this song for 35 years. It was out of print. Then came the internet and I finally found it. This song got a lot of AM radio play back in the early 70’s. It’s always been a favorite of mine

My wife was named after a fairly unknown Zagar and Evans song, Cary Lynn Javes.
Over 10 years ago I went through hell trying to find the song and have it burned onto a CD for her.
Now I can literally ask google to play in the kitchen.

Lucky it wasn’t 2525.

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