Finally, a bit of common sense

What a novel idea. We should follow suit.

Let’s start at our southern border, deal? That means all costs.

We should end all welfare to the unvaxxed and immediately deport any illegal unvaxxed.

Makes sense to me. Glad to see we’re all in agreement here.

I wouldn’t exclude anyone, except those who cannot tolerate vaccines for medical reasons.

Fine. But there are millions more bona fide Americans that aren’t vaccinated. My kid had a patient that was hospitalized 4 months. He survived. He was not vaccinated. He came back to see the staff who worked with him. He was still not vaccinated…had no intention of getting vaccinated and had no intention of getting his family vaccinated. They felt like it was a slap in the face, and while you can still get covid after having been vaccinated, you can also still get covid after having covid, so he should bear the costs of treatment if he or his family get it.