Feeling Good about My Dentist

For the last several days, I was feeling irritation in my teeth. It was not bad, so I waited to see if it got worse or better.

Finally about 2:30 yesterday, i was in the area of my Dentist, I called. It went like this:

Me: I have some irritation in my teeth and would like to have it checked.
Dentist Rep: When are you available?
Me: Tomorrow is fine or I am 10 minutes from you.
DR: Let me check, can you be here by 3:00
Me: Absolutely.

I have had Root Canals before… painful and my dentist does not do it. This was a concern.

Anyway, the Dentist poked around and said that a tooth had moved and I was packing food between a capped tooth and a good tooth. He recommended a filling on the good tooth to fill the space… He recommended against redoing the Cap.
.I was out by 4:30 and all is good today.

You do not often get this kind of service and if y’all were local, I would share it with you.

BTW, this is not the first time something similar has happened.

So, our dentist(s) are friends of ours, a husband and wife owned practice.

Two years ago (almost exactly), my son got cauliflower ear in wrestling practice. At first he thought it was cool (wife was PISSED), but then was concerned about earphones.
So we went to their house and eventually to their office and he drained it by filling with a numbing shot and then “popping” it.
I told him he could have a side gig at wrestling tournaments.