FCC chairman says he'll seek to regulate social media under Trump's executive order

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will draft regulations intended for social media companies following a petition earlier this year by the Trump administration, the agency's chairman said Thursday.![|1x1](upload://6w7HOLoKuTDtEXRteNiYA53kW94.gif)
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Is social media and the MSM really for freedom of the press or do they believe in reducing distribution?

Should freedom of speech mean freedom of distribution?

Biden agrees with him.

I actually agree with Joe. The law is outdated. It had its place. It’s beyond it’s necessity.

Considering Trump is one of the biggest users of social media because of his use of Tweeter, I’m wondering if they will regulate his account, which has created and “retwitted” false information.

The law isn’t outdated. The companies are not following the law.

That the problem they’re violating 230 by regulating his account.

230 is supposed to guarantee free speech.

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True, the rules of 230 shouldn’t apply because of their CHOICE to not comply with the law.

+1 And that is why social media companies should be able to be sued, broken up, or even closed down.

That was the whole point of 230. It was supposed to allow free speech without the platform providers being sued.

The platforms decided to censor speech they don’t like which isn’t really allowed. They can censor many topics without concern such as porn or criminal activity.

They can’t just censor to censor.

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A big reason Trump banned Ticky Tok is because of many negative posts about him.

That wasn’t part of the conversation at all.

It’s because of the amount of data and spying China was doing.

Are you claiming section 230 requires them to have no moderation rules? Just a free for all?

Is that what I said? I clearly pointed out a few examples where they could.

What they’re doing now is a violation of the law. It isn’t free speech they’re censoring news.

Were you complaining when they were censoring Mother Jones?

I don’t remember them doing that but they shouldn’t be censoring mother jones either.

Small but important difference.
What you are referring to is an algorithm that may (or may not) have wrongly effected some publishers.
What is happening now is humans are intentionally blocking articles that disagree with their politics.

From the article

In late 2017, when Facebook tweaked its newsfeed algorithm to minimize the presence of political news, policy executives were concerned about the outsize impact of the changes on the right, including the Daily Wire , people familiar with the matter said. Engineers redesigned their intended changes so that left-leaning sites like Mother Jones were affected more than previously planned, the people said. Mr. Zuckerberg approved the plans. “We did not make changes with the intent of impacting individual publishers,” a Facebook spokesman said.

You’re correct. It’s very different. One is a newsfeed which would be OK to block, another is blocking user content which is the issue.

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