Fauci is lost

Whatever credibility Fauci had left has officially entered the negative.

Fauci is saying what he’s always said, results of policy decisions take weeks to play out. Fauci isn’t saying that Texas’ decision to fully reopen is a bad one, rather that we’ll see what happens.

I dont understand the rights fascination, especially your fascination with Fauci.

Because his refusal to acknowledge data and facts that don’t fit his preconceived opinion has cost thousands of lives and probably trillions of dollars.

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Remember that Fauci doesn’t set policy, he only advises the president and CDC. You should be blaming Trump until January 2021 and Biden after that point. If you’re looking for a scapegoat for 500k dead and our 28T national debt, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Fauci gave advice and followed research that was horrifically wrong.
And when it became obvious it was wrong he never strayed from his thinking.
From “flatten the curve”, to “New York did things right”, to “masks are more effective than a vaccine”.
This link is just another in a long line of Fauci failing to follow the data and having blinders on for his own preconceived opinions.

Who does history blame for the 2003 invasion of Iraq? Cheney who instigated it or Bush who was president at the time?

(standing by for someone to blame Hillary and Biden)

Are you trying to say the Trump is to blame for Covid?

No, im back to my original point. Nobody cares how competent or incompetent Fauci is, history will judge Trump and Biden since he advised both.

If he were advising from the background I would agree.
But he has made himself the face of the Covid response.
History will not be kind to Fauci.

I saw on CNBC this week that Florida is back to 95% of pre-pandemic economic activity, so opening up worked up very nicely for them.

I stopped taking Fauci seriously when it became obvious to me that he was more influenced by politics than providing good medical advice.

And cases in Texas and Mississippi have been notably dropping.
So will Biden retract his “neanderthal” comment?

Well maybe BMW ain’t but I’ll assign some blame where it’s due. Trump’s initial denial of its dangers – even when he fully well know the opposite was true, via Woodwardinterview weeks before the first U.S. case – paved the way for tardy and tepid reactions to the dangers was probably directly and indirectly for 100s of thousands of the over 1/2 million deaths so far. So yes, Trump – his lying, conniving self – rightfully should have much of the blame glued to his fat ass. :nauseated_face:

You literally have to not be able to understand basic math to come to this conclusion.

Considering the Death Rate in the US is lower than the UK, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and in-line with Portugal, Spain, Peru, Brazil, did they all not take it seriously also ?

And if you look at how bad New York and New Jersey fucked things up, as a country the rest of the US actually handled it pretty well.

Oh boy, we won – how about declaring a national holiday celebrating the death of 560,000 of our citizens – yippee, we won the percentage game. A macro economic miracle. :innocent:

Do you know how math works?

A big part of NY, NJ getting caught with pants down is Trump may have restricted travel from Asia early on, but left the east coast entries from Europe relatively untouched. Next!

NY and NJ fucked things up all on their own!!!
They had the worst responses in the WORLD!!!
Their numbers were worse than the countries that may have carried it to them.