Fauci has gone full Fascist

To claim that this is “violent rhetoric” is absurd.

Watters is talking about confronting Fauci with his own actions and words, not physically assaulting him and anyone with 1/2 a brain knows this.

People who still believe Fauci only have half a brain.

When the lefts messiah said this everyone knew he wasn’t being literal, except maybe Fauci.

The term ‘kill shot’ was an interesting choice. I know Watters isn’t telling his fans to literally fire a weapon at Fauci but the rhetoric is inflammatory to be sure. A lot of thee yahoo’s will read a different intent.

Maybe on a miniscule level.
Not to the extent that Fauci is claiming.

If someone on a “news” network said someone needed to go for the “kill shot” and “ambush him”…then Fauci is correct. At what point do we hold anybody accountable for what they say? There are fucking nutcases that watch Fox news AND they love their guns. The kid that shot up the mall in El Paso…why that had nothing to do with Trump calling Mexicans rapists, drug dealers and murderer. Trump encouraging people to fight and take back the country and save democracy…that did nothing to influence SOME Of the people who attacked the capitol.

If Fauci is “ambushed” and shot with a “kill shot” when he “doesn’t see it coming”…this would have nothing to do with it?

I know everybody loathes political correctness, but damn…people need to know the power of words. And people need to know that some folks whose elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, are watching and listening. And they need to bear that in mind when they are on a fucking NATIONAL news program.

If I went on TV and told people that parrot had the wrong views and he wanted us to do things his way…and we needed to ambush him and get ready for the “kill shot” when he doesn’t see it coming…wouldn’t you want to come kick the shit out of me?

Duplicate thread.

And you criticized Maxine Waters for less and the activist group in AZ. This is far more violent rhetoric. Kill shot. Dead.

Pay attention, he was talking about questions regarding gain of function.

The dipshits in AZ actually chased a Senator into a bathroom.
Waters is talking about asking questions.
Not even the same ballpark.

So if it’s not a bathroom and is in the form of a question, it’s ok?

Answered in your (later) thread.

Tell that to the mentally disturbed people watching and listening. Using terms like that while talking about a PERSON is reckless and irresponsible. The equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Like Fauci?

No. Like someone who hears that Mexicans are rapists and feels like he needs to do something about it so he shoots up a mall. Even if the person didn’t MEAN they were rapists (even though he said it). But nah…words don’t have any impact.

What the hell?

And you probably find it absurd that Fauci requires full time security, due to right wingers who require very little encouragement, for them to threaten the lives of anyone they’re told is bàaad.

I am not against him having security.
But Watters statements about asking him questions have zero to do with it.

He had security before Watters’ recent statement, because of other threats. This just adds to it. If you don’t think language like “kill shot” and “dead” are violent rhetoric, I don’t know what would qualify. Maxine Waters was heavily criticized for suggesting far less.


If you listen to the speech in its entirety and still come to that conclusion then you don’t have a grasp of the English language.

If you can criticize M. Waters and not J. Watters, you are partisan beyond belief.

Point being…what about people who DIDN’T listen to the whole whole thing and missed the context? There has been so much Fauci hate that THEY might consider it a call to arms. Just like when you know who said that we needed to “take back the country” on January 6. Some folks there heard his entire two hour ramble and came to the conclusion that they needed to hang Mike Pence. Words have power.