Far right extremist

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Based on MLK’s quotes, he would not be accepted by a lot of black leaders today.

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Biden would tell him he’s not black enough and cancel culture would crush him for sleeping around

Based on the selective quotes people choose to remember.

Good point. He didn’t actually mean any of that “content of their character” crap. That was just a bone thrown to institutional structural systemic racist white supremacists.

What he actually meant was some other obscure quote sitting on some ultra-far-left website excusing left wing violence. Thanks for the reminder, I almost fell for the propaganda.

Or, you could actually read what he wrote or said in a variety of contexts instead of pulling that quote out once a year to pretend he was against things like affirmative action, when he actually spoke out in favor of it.

Or, you can pretend to like King while ignoring everything he actually stood for, just selecting the one quote out of context.

Things like this:

Or, people using King to criticize BLM activists, when they were using the same language against King when he was alive.

This is from his time:

Mlk fought against segregation. Which was a real thing.

Blm is built on lies. Their poster children are literally people staring fights with the police.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

There’s a reason “content of their character” gets quoted and not that commie collectivist Soviet quote you put up.

King was not an omniscient superhuman. He was a persuasive, yet flawed, ordinary human who was then turned into a martyr.

The neolibs don’t focus on his anti-capitalist quotes much either…

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