Fallout from Will Smith


That one made me laugh.

Its only funny because it’s true, and by that I mean that Heidi Cruz looks like a frog.

I think its just a sad reflection of how violence is so ingrained within the black culture.

I almost added Will to my Black Thug of the Day thread…

Would it have been better if they both were white? Or would it not have happened?

If a tree falls in the forest…

I forgot…white people are supreme.

Generalizing like that is pretty damned racist. I’m not kidding.

There isn’t a “black” or “white” culture. That’s media propaganda to keep everybody hating each other. You can look at statistics, but that doesn’t make someone more or less prone to violence due to their skin color. It’s mostly influences where they grow up. I’ve met some nasty, violent white people in my day. That doesn’t mean the “white culture” is violent.

I hate it when the far left tries to balkanize the population by categorizing people based on skin color, but what you’re doing here is no better. It’s actually the exact same.

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And, to be honest, Will Smith (or Chris Rock) has not been a part of any violent culture his entire life.

Here is a good column which summarizes how I think on what Smith did.

Oh…I get it. But Smith could have handled it way better with a simple “Not funny” yelled from his seat and “taking it offline” with Rock after the show. But I understand what could drive him to do that. Which is kind of why I posted the meme about Ted Cruz wife. At least Smith did SOMETHING besides kiss his ass.

Sorry, but facts don’t care about your feelings. People like to hide from the reality so they don’t have to admit the truth. Examples like this EVERY DAY:

Sorry, but its the culture…just like the single pregnancy rate, the high school graduation rate, the incarceration rate, and the violent crime rate.

True, but that has nothing to do with skin color.

Another reference:

…over a bowling ball!!! How ironic that she had a son (out of wedlock) with a rapper named Young Thug. Can’t make this stuff up…

You can’t dodge valid criticism by spewing clichés.

You haven’t hurt my feelings one bit by making broad racist generalizations. I’m trying to help you figure out the distinctions between legitimate critiques of the far left and stooping to their level.

You’re embarrassing yourself lumping all black people together, as if they all share the same brain. You wouldn’t take kindly to someone doing the same to whites.

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