Exercise routines

What do you all do for exercise?

I used to eschew the gym and weight lifting in general. Thought it was for loser jock douchebags with too much time on their hands.

Now it is my favorite type of exercise. I’ve realized lifting weights is monstrously beneficial to both men and women for maintaining weight, energy levels, and testosterone levels, which are in tragic decline at far too early ages these days.

I’ll also do 10-15 minutes’ worth of sprints cut with jogging and walking.

Also enjoy mountain biking. Nothing KC level (yet), still a beginner amateur. I am not a fan of chronic cardio for a number of reasons, but I am also willing to do something at a mild level that brings me joy & is convenient.

I do 40 minutes on an elliptical every morning, along with just a few sit-ups. I have an exercise stretch band that I sometimes use in the evenings. That’s my only resistance work, which probably isn’t a good thing.

I gave up the gym membership a few years ago when caregiving didn’t really allow for it and got the elliptical. I haven’t gone back yet.

I read on my Kindle during cardio, which helps pass the time.

I have a set of adjustable dumbbells and a squat rack with Olympic weights, I’ll workout 3 or 4 times a week for half an hour which works for me. I’ll switch up the routine every 8 or 10 weeks but usually superset all my different routines. For a few more weeks I’m doing two body parts a day with kind of a reverse pyramid, next I’ll probably do a 5x5 routine and then change it up to cut before summer.

I hate cardio, but will sometimes do some hitt training to lose an extra few pounds.

I have a set of Undersun resistance bands that work well, there are some decent videos on YouTube with different workouts.

I dont exercise for the sake of exercise, i do what i enjoy. I happen to enjoy running, walking my dog with a cigar, hiking, and mountain biking. When i lift i believe in body weight exercises but i havent done it in at least 2 years.

I love reading books and (more often) listening to audiobooks/podcasts while exercising. Or while doing projects/chores for that matter.

The roter the task, the better. Otherwise I’ll get distracted & miss some of the media.

Sounds like we’re on a similar page there. I’ve been reading and hearing stuff on chronic cardio that leads me to believe it promotes chronic stress, blood sugar dysregulation, and may stall or reverse weight loss efforts.

High intensity intervals, otoh, I am a huge fan of. Empty out the glycogen stores and harden up the muscles from brief intense intervals.

What kind of cigars do you like? I smoked them for a while, but I always got cheapo stuff. Thinking about revisiting.

I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises too. Pullups, pushups, and dips historically. Lately I’ve been getting big into hanging leg lifts, for the abs. Seems to have made a noticeable difference. Can see some more definition.

Dominican mostly, Arturo Fuente are consistent and mostly mild. Padron Family Reserve are my special occasion cigar. I enjoy the flavor profile of Bolivar and Partagas (Cubans) but they are inconsistent. In a box of 25 I end up tossing 5 or 6 because they’re too tightly rolled or won’t stay lit.

I got one of these things a couple of years ago after I started having issues with the treadmill I’d been using for about 20 years. It was $20 or so when I purchased it, but I still think it’s real bargain considering the price of other rowers. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, it’s well-built, the resistance piston is first class and easily adjustable. As the old TV ads used claim, “it’s so compact you can store it under your bed”. Isn’t really a great option for drying clothes, though, that may be a spoiler for some. (Buyer beware, the girl demonstrating the product is not included).

Even the current price is much less than I paid for my elliptical. Tempting, but IDK if I could read on my kindle with it.

I assume you have to put it together?

I go to a small local gym with a small group workout 3-5 times a week. Play golf once a week (even with a cart I get over 5000 steps). I like to ride my bike home from the gym if the weather is decent (wife and I go together, so drive there).
I have lost over forty pounds since August. When I started I could not do one pull up with the help of two resistance bands, now I can do 5-10 with an extra 10-15 pounds above my body weight.

I used to be an aficionado.
I am haven’t smoked a cigar for well over 5 years though.
I need to see if my wife would get pissed if I started again on the course.

Do we know your dumbbells?

I have a set too. It is a giant space saver!

Assembly time is about 15 minutes, and I takes me longer than that to change the time on my wife’s digital bedside clock. 2 assembly tools come with the device, and that’s all that’s needed. BTW, my wife watches streaming stuff on her propped up Ipad while rowing, I listen to books on an mp3 player.

People who say things are quick and easy to assemble vastly underestimate my handyman incompetence.

I bought an elliptical on FB marketplace during Covid.
Paid $300 for it, it usually sells for over $2000.
I had to have one with a big enough stride length due to being 6’3”.

I love it since it is way easier on my knees.

Would I lie to you? Really, just check with WM, I’m the veritable Fountain of All Things Truthful.

Much better for the knees than a treadmill.

I paid about a grand for mine, new, from Costco, maybe six years ago.

Yep, with a set of dumbbells and a bench you can pound out a full body workout in less than half an hour. I have a set of older Powerblocks that go up to 90 lb that I picked up on Craigslist for 200 bucks with a bench about 15 years ago.

I try not to overthink it and keep it simple, lift heavy stuff a few days a week for 20 to 30 minutes, it works for me.