Excellent fair article

I still don’t believe in vax mandates, but they make a hell of a lot more sense than masks.


They can start with those receiving welfare and pandemic relief funds such as rent assistance and the unemployment bonus.

They should require vaccines for kids as soon as they are approved. Most schools require all the other vaccines and this one should not be any different (of course pending final approval).

It does. I don’t mind vaccination policies for schools. We have had them for years.
I don’t mind for the military or public servants.
I don’t mind employers forcing them.

I am getting to the point where I don’t care if the government starts to force them on people. Common sense says you should ge vaccinated.

I think we should vaccinate every immigrant we catch crossing the border. They go into a camp where we vaccinate them and release them. We do it with feral cat colonies. Why not illegal immigrants?

I had hoped most people would have the common sense to be vaccinated.

If anyone is fascist enough to do it, it’s the democrats. The current president is to ineffective to sway opinions.

My problem with that is, while I trust the vaccine, it is still very new and mandating it this early in its existence is sketchy.

We also spay and castrate the feral cats to prevent the spread of more feral cats. Since we do this with cats, why not illegal immigrants?

I wouldn’t be opposed.