End eugenics based abortion

Do no harm! We should eliminate eugenics based abortions particularly for Down Syndrome

(Down Syndrome and Social Capital: Assessing the Costs of Selective Abortion - Down Syndrome and Social Capital: Assessing the Costs of Selective Abortion - United States Joint Economic Committee)

Abortion shouldn’t be about wanting a child with DS not to exist but to truly be an open moms life is at risk or a major fetal anomaly gives concern about intense pain and/or an inability to live w/o life support

ask Iceland

Once DS is illiminated(supposedly) then what’s up next?


What if the woman or couple couldn’t afford the extra care their child would need. Are you willing to adopt?

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I don’t know anyone personally but how many people are currently waiting to adopt?

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Well…I’ve heard that people are irresponsible for having unprotected sex and getting pregnant and having a baby they can’t afford. I don’t think that many factor “special needs” into the baby equation. And in the financial analysis phase of foreplay, they might say they can afford a baby. But then they find it has downs syndrome. They can’t afford that and they don’t want to be labeled a moocher or a leach. But we don’t want them to have the option for an abortion. I know that there are waiting lists for adoptions. But I think the special needs list is considerably smaller.

Already have adopted a 14 yo so sure. The largest issue is not having enough kids for adoptees to adopt, particularly under age 10 yo

#1 feed / clothe the youngster
#2 train birth parents vocationally and in parenting
#3 provide childcare
#4 waive child support to child welfare
#5 require that CS on a CC is discharged in bankruptcy

If fewer abortions meant more orphans:

  1. have a streamlined home study at taxpayer expense
  2. have direct adoptions thru foster care or another agency for orphans
  3. subsidize the birth parents for choosing life

Of course that means not taking care of the widows and orphans aka helping for the situation people are in and not what led them to that situation

Which is actually quite common

Yes but people are still on waiting lists for special needs adoptions too

But how many are standing in line to adopt special needs kids? Because IF a couple has a DS child and doesn’t abort it, but can’t afford the care it needs and turns to the government for help, many will label them leeches, moochers, takers (i believe YOU have even referred to some as that). And then give them the “you didn’t plan well enough” speech. And the waiting list that finally turns to Chinese adoption most likely didn’t want to adopt special needs babies.

Of course those who want to adopt from China are increasingly realizing they must accept older and older kids with more and more special needs than 25 years ago as China has also developed its own foster care system and there are much fewer orphanages

So how can we help parents of children with DS raise their child be it medical care, academics, and life skills?

Medical care can include cardiology, gastroenterology, speech and occupational therapy. Academics can also include ST/OT and academic help. Life skills can go from independent living to managing one’s medications and hygiene and managing how to buy and prepare food

Start by convincing Republicans to value the life AFTER it’s born

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Totally agree. It’s one thing to campaign don’t kill the fetus and then that’s it to your agenda. Raising kids is tough as you need 25 years to truly teach a youngster to be as independent of an adult they can be given whatever capacity they have

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