Encapsulation of what is wrong with political discourse

You have the unofficial leader of the Democratic party slamming a private company.

And then openly admitting that she would purchase an inferior product for political reasons.

She should ditch the Tesla and buy a union made vehicle, she should live her beliefs. A lot of lefties are hypocrites and tell others what to do and they do the opposite.

Do you seriously believe this?

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She’s not but the mainstream media give her a lot more coverage than they do Pelosi.

As much as some believe Trump is still in charge of the GOP


Except nobody is seeking AOCs endorsement in California or Georgia or even NY. You have this fantasy that Trump doesn’t matter, he does.

As far as your point, this isn’t about political discourse. It’s about a boycott for political reasons, which is dumb but AOC is hardly the inventor of it.

That took about ten seconds.

Which is political discourse.

Any more than that? I can drop 10 names in georgia alone that are on Team Trump but im eating right now.

The notion that AOC is as important to dems as Trump is to GOP is completely ridiculous. At a minimum, one was president and one is the junior congresswoman from NY.

Google is your friend.

At least some members of the GOP stand up to Trump.
No Democrats have the balls to call out AOC or the rest of the Squad.

Hell, Biden himself has stood up to aoc. Nancy has…shes out there!

But many republicans have stood up to trump. There is a battle for the soul of the party being waged and i hope GOP wins over trumpism. There is a similar war going on for democrats but its more about crazy wokeness vs logical liberal ideals. AOC is a small part of that, not the leader of a side.

It is no different than calls for boycotts of companies like Disney and Delta for their “woke” positions, as has been called for by some on this board.


Thats my point, Henrius has a long list of companies he cant buy from over politics. I think its dumb but its certainly Hanks right to spend his money as he sees fit.

Not by me, and this board is different than one of the most prominent members of a National Political party.

Yet its no different. If you google, ill bet a dollar that some politician has declard a boycott on disney over dont say gay or a boycott on delta or coke over the ga voter reform law.

Hilarious, the Democratic Party nominee for the Governor of Georgia literally called for the boycott of Georgia.
And doesn’t AOC’s stance fly in the face of her “Green New Deal” proposal?
She is literally calling for the boycott of the entity that has done more to fight climate change than any other private or public entity in the world.

I don’t know, don’t put a lot of thought into AOC or Stacy calls to action.

AOC is about as close to being the leader of the Democrats as MTG is to being the leader of the GOP. But I could be underestimating MTG’s influence. AOC isn’t even in a leadership position on the House Progressive Caucus.

It seems to be the GOP standard mode of operation - find the boogey man and use him/her to scare people. Hillary. Obama. Biden. AOC. Pelosi. Schumer. The Squad. Personalize it and demonize them. Fear motivates the GOP.

ACtually, AOC is in all this for AOC…maybe it will be a "Trump reverse’, where she goes from a government position to a reality TV show.

Is there a difference between boycotts and blacklists?

Are you referring to Magic the Gathering? :laughing: