Elliptical is OK, but I want to ride

I am not as avid of a rider as KC, but I have gotten into it a lot during the COVID season.
I have been on my elliptical lately but I really miss riding outside.
It as just been either too cold, wet, or windy lately.

I haven’t rode my bike in a year.

I just have a mountain bike.

I haven’t RIDDEN my bike in a year…

You do what I do. When too uncomfortable outside, my fallback is the downstairs elliptical trainer. It is good to use other muscle groups.

The sun was shining this morning, so I took recumbent #1 out to do some errands, logging 40 miles. Temperature was 36 when I started, warmed up to 42 by the end. Recumbent #1 has aerodynamic front fairing, and gives my torso protection from the wind, but my head still takes the cold air blasts. at 40mph downhill, that stings! Don’t think I would do nearly as much winter riding if I had to ride an upright bike.

Neither has Wintermute.

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I had a repair guy come to work on my eelliptical last week. He left it torn apart, saying he needed a blowtorch to replace the bearings. Now, I need to go walking or something to get any exercise. Instead, I changed my alarm clock from 5:30 to 6:30.

I cannot workout inside, period. I run about 15 miles a week and I’m mountain biking at least 50 miles a week. I don’t let the weather stop me either, all the local trails were closed this week so we drove to Alabama to ride a rocky and sandy mountain that was still open.

Temperatures broke 50 today so I went on a 10 mile ride.
The elliptical has kept me able to keep the same pace as before, but the hills were killer, can’t imitate them on a machine.

IT’s all about what you wear. Four of us rode the other day. It was 28 when we started and 30 when we finished. If the sun is out, it is surprisingly comfortable. I just got a new outer jacket from Amazon and I’m hoping to try it out this week. Temps are supposed to be around 20.

For temps over 40 I have a head/ear covering, long sleeve thermal jersey, and windbreaker. I wear thermal bib pants. I have a pair of winter cycling gloves and I wear aluminized socks with wool socks over them and my regular riding shoes.

Below 40 I have:

Thermal undershirt
Long sleeve Jersey
Thermal windproof jacket (what I just got)
Heated Gloves
Thermal bibs
Windproof themal pants
Aluminized socks
Hot hands toe warmers on top of those socks
Wool socks over that
Neoprene shoe covers over my riding shoes.

That is good to a little below 20 degrees. I bought an indoor “spin” bike a couple of years ago, but I got very bored riding it, so I sold it last year. For days where the streets are icy or snowy, I just go to the community center and use an indoor bike there and mix it with weights.

That’s very true. IT also can’t duplicate the wind. I just emailed the group but nobody is keen on riding tomorrow since the winds are supposed to be 20 and gusty. I may do a short ride on my own.

That sounds oppressive to wear. I’ve never been on a road bike below 40 but I guess it’s different for MTB. Last week I rode in 30 degrees with a 10kt wind, all I did differently was running tights, wind proof gloves, a thin balaclava under my helmet, and a windbreaker over long sleeve shirt. After the first hard climb I took the windbreaker off and stashed it in the pack.

Road biking is more steady state with much higher speeds obviously. In mtb my HR gets up to 190 and mostly stays in the 110-140 range.

It’s really not oppressive. The two key things for cold weather on a road bike…good gloves and good foot coverings. The rest isn’t too bad. Before the shoe covers, After about an hour in sub 40 temps, my feet were freezing. The rest of me was warm…but the feet made it pretty unbearable. The day it was 28, we actually took off a layer after about an hour. I kill the sleek look on my bike because I have a rack and bag on the back…just so I have a place to put layers if we have to take them off.

Ah, I really appreciate the front aerodynamic fairing on recumbent #1, my preferred ride in winter. I can just tuck my gloved hands under the edges out of the windstream. My head is the only thing that gets cold.