Electric Stoves Are Good, Actually

Another take on this topic.

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Also electric stoves suck. I have a very fancy induction one that came with the home. It’s nice but not the same as gas

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I think gas vs electric is a choice.

Electric is often used when you can’t vent the home. That’s why my condo in Chicago had electric.

My condo in Oregon is gas. I love it.

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We have an electric oven and gas cooktop. That is the first electric oven we have had after 3 decades of gas. We adapted quickly, but will never go to an electric cooktop.

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The induction is closer to gas but it’s still not the same.

IMO gas is much better to cook with and usually cheaper to use than electric. I might buy a portable induction cooktop, they look interesting.

The is the right one now.

I think for a oven, either is fine.

For boiling. Either is fine.

For cooking meat, etc. gas is far superior. Induction is interesting but it actually heats to fast at times.

We have a gas cooktop and electric double built in oven. I’m not sure if they sell a gas built in oven.

This is the one that I have. Been using it for about 8 years now. Personally, I think that it is fantastic.For the kitchen, one of the best things that I have bought.

Only downside is that the pots and pans have to be made of steel or they will not work. Cast iron pans will also work on Induction though.

Ferrous metal is the requirement. If a magnet won’t stick. It won’t work.

I will say it heats up quicker than anything I’ve ever used. When I first started I’d burn a lot of things

I have electric cooktop and oven, but when I have to pan fry anything, it makes a mess. My gas grill is connected to the gas line in my house, so I will take my cast iron pan and put it on the grill. Since it’s not directly on the heat, there aren’t hot spots and the pan gets hot, but not overly hot. And food comes out much better.

Funny you mention that. My electric too does may a large mess when I cook compared to the gas.

The condo we stay at in Florida a couple times a years has electric and it’s easier to clean the cooktop, it’s like a big piece of glass.

You can actually use car wax to clean them.

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