Education question for mcarly

Do Universities in California put a major weight on in state applications?
Both for acceptance and for scholarships?

My son has been offered several scholarships for a lot of money, but he applied to USC and wasn’t even accepted, he was put on the “wait list”.

I understand that they may be a prestigious school, but he is literally in the top 1% of the country.

Not MCarley, but USC is a private school.

I probably should have known that.

That matters less than you think, in the name of diversity some schools want a wide range range of students. My kid had a 34 on his ACT and met other students with a 24 that received full scholarships.

I think Alabama has gone in a very positive direction.
We took a tour last week and 60% of their students are from out of state.
I did not realize that it was as good of a school as it is.
Over time they have put an emphasis on attracting very high achieving students from all over the country.

I would think as a private school, USC probably places little weight on being in state. But it is fairly prestigious, so even being a top 1% student isn’t a guarantee.

I could ask our transfer counselor if you like. She sent me a list of schools my kid might be interested in a while back and we’re going to visit a couple on spring break.

If it comes up, there really is less than 1% chance he goes there.
Even if the accept him, he ain’t paying the money they want!

That’s been their plan for almost a decade, I know more than a few kids that went there because it was almost free. We didn’t visit but my son was offered a full academic scholarship plus I think five grand towards housing and other costs.

Looks like about half their students are from out of state.,Diversity%2094%20out%20of%20100.

When my kid was applying, we found that NC was very difficult for out of state… but after GA passed the Hope Scholarship, S Carolina was hungry for GA Students. He got nice offers from 2 SC Schools.

And out of the country.

I think that’s normal at a lot of the better schools, usually the international students pay the highest tuition and costs.

Ya, we spoke to a few kids that were offered really good money to go there.
I am not sure, but I imagine a donor put up a chunk of money to bring up academics.

Having gone thru the college application process for both kids in the last 3-5 years I can confirm that UNC along with UVA are some of the hardest public schools to get into. We experienced that South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, and FSU were throwing a lot of money around to pull kids from Georgia. There was also the Academic Common Market that some of our friends kids used to attend out of state schools, but I think that has diminished some.

There is also a difference at what some states, and areas of the country look at.
My son got an Alabama offer due to his National Merit Status, but Alabama actually has very minimal National Merit presence because they don’t promote the PSAT.
And some states weigh dual credit more than AP or Project Lead the Way.

Many prestigious colleges like international students. They pay full tuition.

And almost certainly have good study habits and will get good grades.