Easy, maybe dumb cooking tip

I was pounding out chicken breasts last night for a recipe.
I usually cover with plastic wrap as to not get stuff all over my cutting board and mallet.
I had a quick thought (I may have saw it somewhere, but not sure), put the chicken in a gallon ziplock and don’t zip it shut.
Worked like a charm and then used the same ziplock to marinate the chicken for an hour.

Just an hour?

I typically marinate overnight.

I followed the recipe.
It had acidity in it, it would have broken the chicken down too much overnight.

I kind of do the same thing. Use a zip lock bag, don’t place the chicken inside the bag though.[put the bag over the chicken].

As for marinating the chicken, use Italian dressing.

Love doing that, then grilling it.
This was a marinate that called for sour cream (among other things), subbed that for fat-free greek yogurt and it was amazing.

That was my go to before I got Daddy Hinkle. It is made about 15 miles from me. Great on pork and chicken.


I sometimes make chicken cordon bleu and I was shocked at how big a half a chicken breast can get when you pound it out for that.

It wasn’t always that way.

If you use the chicken breasts from Costco, you could probably cover your kitchen floor.

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