Dumbest thing, August edition

So two months ago, dolts like this were falsely accusing DeSantis of vaccinating too many people who weren’t the “right” people to be vaccinated, and also falsely accusing him of giving vaccination contracts to his political donors. Now all of a sudden he is “anti-vax”.

What dramatics?

Didn’t he open it up to pretty much anyone fairly early on?

I don’t remember him having much negative to say about the vaccine.

Well, it only took a day before Fredo Cuomo beat took the lead for August.

New addition.

New leader, but still early in the month.

Y’all is black lingo, maybe I’ve got some black roots I didn’t know about, I thought it was just southern.

Hence, why I started this thread.

My KY and TN relatives use the term all the time, as do many diner waitresses (yes, they’re virtually all women).

Daily two-fer.

I’ve seen southern people — both white and black — use y’all my entire life. No racial stereotype. People are sick in the head.

I’ll bet Bell & Kutcher shower 2-3 times a day each (probably not together) and this is some sort of faux eco friendly collectivist bullshit.

Y’all is Midwestern as well. I say it.

Ironically they’re probably doing it right.

I shower ever day but children just don’t have the same issues as an adult. One theory of allergies is letting them get dirty helps prevent all the weird allergies kids have now days.

When my kids were little they didn’t bathe every day.
I also know from friends that are barbers, hair stylists that washing your hair daily is bad.

I wash daily. I always have and the military reinforced that idea.

Though our generation wasn’t until hand sanitizer and ultra clean environments.

We played in the world.

I am not saying that theory is correct but it’s one mulled around that we don’t expose kids to enough crap.

Somebody punch Jim Acosta in the face.

A new leader;

Probably last of the month…

American Express executives? LOL so the system that made them individual multi-millionaires is racist. We will await them returning their millions.

I could never understand how their business model is successful. People paying upfront to be a paying customer.


Anyone who feels they benefited from white privilege should return their ill gotten gains, it’s the right thing to do.

Interesting. The former, now retired, CEO of Amex from 2001-2018 is Kenneth Chenault (a Black man).