Driveway poly-jack

I can’t remember who asked me to post the progress, but here it is.

It has been about two weeks since my driveway was poly-jacked and I am very happy.

  1. It was reasonably priced, for something that could not be classified as a DIY, I was expecting a higher cost.
  2. It only took about 2 1/2 hours to do it once they go there, they showed up fairly later than they said, but it appears that was the fault of another customer, so no problem with the actual repair.
  3. It was able to be driven on less than 12 hours later (they told me a lower number, but I just stayed off of it overnight), and at this point, you really can’t tell it was done.
  4. If I have any small complaint, you can see some of the spillover in a couple of spots, one where they had to jack it up about 4 inches, and under my stairs where there was a pretty big void.

What is poly jacked?

Mud jacking, except now they use a dense poly foam insulation.
It last longer and is more solid.

I’m hoping to get poly-jacked this weekend.

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They’ve been using foam for setting utility poles for at least a decade.

Ah to google it. They say 2-5 years.

What was the cost?

What is mud jacking?

Under $3000, my driveway had dropped 1-4 inches at a diagonal.
And a part of my sidewalk had dropped, as well as the void under the stairs.

My driveway had settled over the years, at the point where it met the garage, it was dropped 1-4 inches.
They come in and drill small holes in the concrete and pump in basically spray foam insulation, except it is a more precise and dense mixture than what you get in the cans at the hardware store.
They used to do something similar, except use local soil mixed with concrete, this new technique is better and lasts longer, and not any more expensive.

Oh, you live in one of those places that has that weather thing.

I think it might have been me that asked for a progress report. I have a rental property where a small section of the driveway has cracked and fallen. I assume its because there is now a small void under the concrete. I believe they can just do the same thing…drill holes and fill with high pressure foam to restore to the original condition.

I would also assume that if it is a smaller area (mine was pretty significant) that it will be reasonably priced.

Probably a 10’ x 20’ section of driveway…

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