Don't hate me parrot, but

I just got back from a colonoscopy (fun times). While I was laying on the gurney talking to the nurse and anesthetist I looked at the monitor with my vital signs. My heart rate was 53.

Mine is down to 62 resting now. I am pretty happy with that.

And at least you aren’t full of shit anymore!

The worse part of having a colonoscopy is the prep solution you take before having the procedure.

It’s pretty shitty.

I never want to see Gatorade again. Drinking half a gallon of that crap (no pun intended) mixed with an entire bottle of Miralax in two hours had me spewing from BOTH ends.

I wonder if prep is different in Europe. There is a funny video on colonoscopy’s by Billy Connolly and he only said you take all the pills at once, but didn’t mention the god awful gatorade or other disgusting liquid.

Oh what the heck. He’s quite accurate

If we’re gonna compare resting heart rates, I’ll chime in with my 47. This was walking in to a blood donation center. She said she couldn’t proceed, convinced her that I’d be fine.

What surprises me is that I am 64 and didn’t live the greatest lifestyle for most of those years (smoking, drinking, bad eating…). I got back into biking in 2016. I made some major changes in diet and lifestyle in 2021. When they weighed me, I was 40 pounds lighter since last April.

It’s never too late to start and simple changes have an almost immediate effect. My gf is 42 and she switched to a whole food plant based diet. A month later She lost 15lb but more impressive is that she doesn’t get inflammation after a hard workout and she sleeps and feels much better. Last week we did a 19 mile day hike into the Grand Canyon and had no lingering effects, 6 weeks ago she wouldn’t have been able to finish it.

It is supposed to keep one hydrated after everything gets spewed and help one take the Miralax. My last clean out was 6 years ago and the recommendation was to wait 10 years before the next one. I am OK with that.

I have to get them every five due to previous issues.

Not sure why they had you drink Gatorade. Normally it’s a gallon of miralax.

Sometimes you’ll do a laxative as well.

Either way it’s a good time.

I am supposed to then every 5 years. I don’t. It’s bad advice from my doctor. I always have to explain to them why their logic is bad

File this under tasteless humor.

Question: What does a Bartender and a Proctologist have in common?

Answer: They both look at Assholes.

Both times mine was 4 laxative pills that you take all at once, followed by an entire bottle of Miralax mixed with a half gallon of Gatorade. Then you have to drink 8 oz ever 20 minutes until it is one. That’s 8, 8oz glasses. I made it thru five and a half and was emptying both ends. I took about a 45 minute break from drinking it and tried again, but just sipping it made me gag. I got all but about 10 ounces, and even that stretched until about 1 in the morning. There was another prep called “GoLytely” that you had to drink a gallon of. I told them that whenever I have to have another one, I want a different prep.

I remember the first time i had to go through the prep.
I asked a couple guys if I could start at work and then drive home (thirty minutes).
They told me only if I wanted to pay to get my car deep cleaned.

That probably depends on the person and which stuff they make you take. I had to drink a lot, but it took hours for it to kick in. Luckily, I’m good for 10 years.

Was it a jug? Typically that’s what you get.

Sounds like they were replacing the water with Gatorade. I haven’t seen that before but it makes sense.

You can get dehydrated prepping. Miralax absorbs water. That’s why you need so much fluid to push it through.

Saline laxatives are similar. They draw water.

I’ve seen the use of laxative pills and magnesium citrate.

Personally I’m a fan of magnesium citrate. I feel it isn’t as brutal as some of the others.

I have had several different preps, they all suck, but none have made me sick.

That’s what I took when I had a gastric bypass. it was easier and not nearly so much to drink. It was hours of drinking whatever that solution was, not to mention more hours in the bathroom as it went through.

The miralax makes most people sick. It’s think and taste like plastic.