Does twitter take its own policies seriously?

Why does this bat shit crazy chick still have an account, and for that matter why is Lebron James account not suspended?

Why is a crazy woman’s Twitter news?

Oh you can see the crazy in her eyes

She’s asks someone to tell her she’s crazy, so at least she’s self aware.

She said she wanted Elon Musk to burn to death in a Tesla.
If a conservative would say something similar about the Commissioner of MLB for moving the All Star Game they would be banned for life.

Yes, but she’s a random person, not someone especially influential as far as I know. But, they got you to click and be outraged.

BTW, IDK if Lebron James has violated Twitter policies.

He fucking docced a cop for saving a girls life!!!
If that ain’t a violation I don’t know what is!

She is a “journalist” that has been published by several publications.

I have not heard of him doxing the cop. He did post about it and removed his own tweet, so Twitter would probably not punish him even if it violated their policies because he took it down himself. I think they do have a policy against doxing, but I don’t recall him doing that.

There is no other way to describe what he did.

But back on topic of the link.
Why is this ignorant chick not banned?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it is now that there’s an article about it.

But doxing has a definition and Lebron didn’t do that.

Blue checks are supposed to be famous or influential. Otherwise they would not need to be “verified.”

I will give Mac a break on this. He has stated that he is not on Twitter so he may not know this.

I figured that. I was simply informing him.

To be fair, I didn’t know who this twit was before this. Now she is famous for being a racist imbecile. FYI, since false accusations of racism is racism, she should have her account suspended just for that.

OK, similar on Facebook, but just to show how well this works, Mark Twain has a blue check.

It is typically a criminal offense as it’s intimidation.

Are you serious?? LMAO that is hilarious

And this is a partial list of how many racist idiots think the same way.

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