Does anybody see a problem in this column?

You may have to open it in secret/incognito mode.

Not sure what you are referring to, but they left out the Washington ownership situation, which would likely give any QB pause.

No, not that.

“Getting to live in DC”?

No, not that either.

Y’all need to read a bit more closely. :smile:

I need a hint.

Where did the head coaching candidates coach last year?

I am surprised nobody picked this up.

• The emergence of Rich Bisaccia as a late-add to the Jaguars’ list only furthers the point I made in the MMQB column—there’s no reason why, three weeks after the season ended, a team that fired its coach in mid-December should be resetting and bringing in new candidates out of nowhere the first week of February. I like Bisaccia and think he did a fine job in Oakland.

Our sports radio guys sometimes still refer to the Chargers as San Diego.