Does anybody else see a problem with this pricing?

The hamburger/cheeseburger meal is cheaper if you order it a la carte.

Yes, that is the exact same thing I noticed yesterday. When I pointed this out to them, what do you think their reaction was?

FYI, this was at a high school band field show.

Chips and drink are $2.50 with a hamburger, $1.50 with a hotdog.

As a parent I have volunteered at those stands.
I am pretty sure they just blew it off.

That was about it. First the attendant said that the price was what it was and I had to pay it. She finally said that I could order at the a la carte prices. I declined and didn’t order anything. I was not in a mood to support them at that point.

Later another person who I had separately pointed that out to told me that I was right and they would have to fix it next year. I told him that I was going to make a purchase but that this left a bad taste in my mouth. He said he was sorry I felt that way.

I wonder how many people didn’t notice that and ended up paying the higher prices.

I have watched specials on human behavior.
I would bet almost nobody noticed the issue.

Years ago McDonald’s (or other fast food place) offered a third pound burger but customers thought it was smaller than the quarter pound burger so didn’t order it. Math is hard.

It was A & W.

Here’s an example of math and fast food.

Or music.

You are correct sir. I saw it on YouTube a while ago.

I actually saw it as a FB meme and thought it was fake, then I checked and found out it was true.

Classic. I love the look on his face when asked why not just make 10 louder. A blank stare then he says but these go to 11.

May have to buy that and watch it next time my daughter comes home from school.

When it comes to pizza, it always makes more financial sense to order the biggest possible, unless you just won’t eat it.

That is true. The only time you might have an issue is if you want multiple versions and the pizza place won’t split the pie up for you. The place close to us will do whatever we ask.

Agreed, but I’ll always eat leftover pizza. My son delivered pizza for Lou Malnati’s (Chicago pizza chain) over the summer and most nights brought home a whole pizza or two they messed up. My wife was sick of pizza after a week and I’d bring it for lunch most days.

My son and I would never let pizza go to waste.
His favorite breakfast is cold pizza.

I’ve never had one refuse to split, but I guess it’s possible. It would probably go against Little Ceasars business model. I think theirs are pre-made.