Do we really need the CDC to tell us this?

In certain/rare situations this is true. The vast majority of America doesn’t fit into that category.

From another link, I will say this is smart;
Up until now the “quarantine” rules have been the same whether vaccinated or not.

"The guidelines, which were originally set for release last week, also say vaccinated people can visit indoors — under the same rules ‚ with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe Covid-19 disease. The CDC recommends vaccinated individuals “refrain” from quarantining and testing if they come into contact with someone with Covid-19 and do not develop symptoms.

Correct. Not going to tolerate this bullshit for less than 1% of the population, each of whom still has a 15% risk of catching it & a 2% risk of dying from it, with age averaged out.

There are going to be exceptions to anything. That doesn’t mean we move heaven & earth.

Why do my freedoms have to end where your fears (as you define them) begin?

Why do you keep calling people cowards and bringing up fear when people talk about basic public health protocols? It’s weird. I don’t live in fear. I use my seat belt, I look both ways before crossing the street, I don’t drink and drive, and I expect others to not drink and drive because it puts me and people I care about at risk. I wouldn’t think of that as living in fear.

Likewise, I distance and wear a mask for now. I look forward to when I don’t need to. Fear has little to do with it.

Washing your hands after going to the bathroom, not eating raw chicken, sunscreen, etc. are basic health protocols.
Mask wearing is a mandate that was pulled out of someone’s ass.

So should we put a breathalyzer in every car to ensure no one drinks and drives? That is the equivalent of the mask mandates.

Mask mandates were based on multiple studies; 19 studies were listed on the initial CDC guidance. More have come out since.

And Osterholm has skewered every one of those studies. We have over 50 years of studies that have shown mask are not overly effective.

And we very quickly had real world data that showed those studies were bunk.

Osterholm supports masks; you keep mischaracterizing his comments.

His actual mask stance:

But, from your link;

“ Also, don’t use poorly conducted studies to support a contention that wearing cloth face coverings will drive the pandemic into the ground. But even if they reduce infection risk somewhat, wearing them can be important

This was done by Fauci and the head off the CDC.
“ Public health policy—including COVID-19 response—should always be informed by the best data available and should evolve with scientific knowledge. But it should not be based on popular opinion or even well-meaning movements within the scientific community. Good science should precede policy, not vice versa”

This is not being done.

I have done no such thing. Osterholm has the same stance on mask as I do.

There’s a vast difference between saying that some people are overstating the evidence and claiming that masks are useless or nearly so, which is what WM has been saying and saying that Osterholm is saying.

Please tell me what I said you disagree with. I’ve said the exact same thing as Osterholm. The studies are garbage, there is little evidence a cloth mask work but studies have shown benefits with N95 mask.

We should still wear mask but other measures are more effective.

Find where Osterholm hasn’t said similar things or where I’ve said something otherwise.

We also have almost a year of real-life observation showing masks are tremendously effective at making people fight with each other.

Yet another thing to add to the left vs. right soft civil war culture, in which neither side can talk to the other in both a civil & productive manner.

Time for the national divorce.

We also have a year of data showing they’re garbage. Missouri doesn’t have a mask mandate and doesn’t even have a social distancing Policy by the state. We are below the average.

Florida is very similar.

I am not anti-mask but I am against bad science.


I am also observing that most people are going to do what they’re going to do, regardless of government policy. That goes for both the pro-maskers & anti-maskers.

Sure, there are some areas where anti-maskers cannot escape (e.g. commercial airplanes), but in most everyday life situations, it is very easy to cheat on mask policy.

The primary implicit enforcers are not cops/officials, but businesses. Their willingness/motivation to do so largely depends on the culture of the area/region they are in, since either pleased or displeased customers impact their revenue levels massively.

I am also anti mandate.
When people think that wearing a mask the 8 steps between the front door and your table at a restaurant does any good they are showing ignorance

That’s just bad science.

What I don’t like about mandates is people want to rebel against them. As Osterholm points out, they’re not that effective and then people ignore the things that are effective.

I don’t mind a business making a mandate. It’s their property. I just have an issue with the government doing it.