Do we really need the CDC to tell us this?

This is an example of bureaucrats having no concept of the intelligence of the average citizen.
We can figure this out on our own.

In all fairness their concern is the vaccine may not work against the variants. It’s why they’re being extremely cautious.

I like to make fun of their bad guidelines but until we have more people vaccinated, they should use caution

Another concern was that the vaccine might prevent people from getting sick, but not prevent them from carrying around the virus and spreading it. They now have at least some evidence that it helps with the latter as well.

I just read that in one Texas town twenty-five percent of the illegal aliens that recently arrived there tested positive for covid. In my opinion, our biggest health threat right now is all the illegal aliens who have recently entered the United States with covid, but it appears that nothing can be done about it.

It’s a fucking vaccine. We’ve all gotten a lot of them.

I detest the media and the stooges in government agencies.

Sure, that was a minor concern that was blown out of proportion.
But even if it was a major concern, this is telling us that we can hang out in groups of people as long as everyone is vaccinated.
Two issues;

  1. Did we really need a Federal agency to make this determination?
  2. Do the eggheads at the CDC really believe that we aren’t already hanging out in groups?

It looks like there is an 84% reduction in spreading the virus if you’re vaccinated with Pfeizer or Moderna. So there’s still a risk.

It’s a brand new kind of vaccine.

This is one of the problems that has been going on since the beginning of the pandemic.
I get at first saying, “we don’t know if it will keep you from getting the virus or just from getting symptoms, so still take precautions”.
But as of now, enough data is out that we pretty much know if you get the vaccine you aren’t spreading anything.
The real reason they are telling those vaccinated to continue with the protocols is because the nation won’t stand for a vaccine passport and the bureaucratic overlords are afraid of people just pretending to be vaccinated.

It either vaccinates or it is not a vaccine. We don’t need all this bullshit in the media.

This is not a harsh enough virus to continue walking on eggshells after getting vaccinated.

And if people feel they are at risk, they can continue walking on eggshells voluntarily.

People are overthinking this.

One other thing about this announcement.
It is bound to be misinterpreted.
I have already saw tweets that purport this as meaning, “if you have been vaccinated, no mask”.

The more you treat people like they are stupid, the more stupid people you get.

You can’t hold them responsible for every misinterpretation, especially the intentional ones.

Some of the leading scientists have been saying for a couple of months that vaccinated people need to continue to take most precautions. As more info comes in, it seems appropriate to update the guidance.

But you literally have to be a moron to not realize that vaccinated people can hang out together with no consequences.

Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t get Covid. It just reduces your chances of getting Covid.

I would say it’s extremely low risk but there is a risk.

If 100 vaccinated people were exposed to Covid. Five of them would catch Covid

Not true.

I work with the local adult day care center my wife used to be in. I’m now serving on the board of directors. The advice we got: we can’t mandate the vaccine and more, we don’t know if the vaccine provides much, if any, protection from spreading the virus. So, there was a lot of worry going forward.

Under that initial guidance, which got a lot of coverage, two vaccinated people who meet up for lunch are at risk, not of getting sick, but of spreading the disease further. Now, they’re saying that’s mostly not the case. It’s an important distinction and there wasn’t the evidence for it initially.

Let’s just stay locked down… the people in government will continue to get paid. We have the perfect people in office to manage the decline of America.

Remember: Two weeks to flatten the curve.

Create a crisis where there is no crisis so you can employ a big bureaucracy to manage it.

That we know. That’s the 5% I was referencing.

Israel has shown it works as designed.

Irrelevant. If people refuse to get the vaccine, they are voluntarily assuming a risk.

Stop trying to wipe everyone’s asshole for them. You don’t get to lock down my life due to the voluntary choices of others, especially when they themselves are the only potential victims of the actions in question.

Some people can’t take it, so when others refuse it, they’re increasing the risk for those folks. When you’re responsible for all under your care, you have to take all that into consideration.