Do those refusing covid vaccines because stem cell lines originated from aborted fetuses from the 1970's & 80's

…realize that most medical devices make use of these very same cells?

I wonder if these individuals research every product, like Tylenol, or any other medications they take, or is it just the covid vaccines that have gotten their dander up?

I realize almost everyone here is vaccinated, but maybe some of you know someone who’s used the aborted fetal cells as a reason. Do you know if they refuse virtually all medications, or at the very least, investigate everything, before considering a particular treatment?

Some in the he food industry also make use of fetal cell lines in their research. You’re not going to find that on the ingredient list, that’s for sure.

I’m willing to wager that almost no one using this particular excuse, goes all-in on researching everything they use, to make sure no fetal cell lines were used in any phase of production.

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They don’t. It is just an excuse to avoid the vaccine.

I have no issues with people who are consistent but often this is an emotional appeal.

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I have a sister-in-law who got Moderna parts one and two, then evaded the booster because a fellow church goer warned her that the booster contained “baby parts”. Logic isn’t a strong suit among much of the voting public. I don’t need to tell you which presidential candidate she and my recently deceased brother voted for twice do I.

I heard a guy back in July say if you’re fully vaccinated you won’t be hospitalized or die from Covid, I wonder how many morons fell for that.

I heard a guy back in 2015-2016 claim he’d build a “beautiful wall” across the southern border, and kill ACA and replace it with something much, much better. Millions of morons bought that one… did you.

BTW, I consider fully vaccinated having 3 of the Moderna or Pfizer, or Johnson plus booster. The protection from dying for those probably approaches zero, barring other existing conditions.

Lol …this thread was going for a record, almost 6 posts without a Biden-bot bringing up the guy living rent free in your head. TDS is real and you’re the poster boy. :grin:

My exes aunt was a devout Catholic. She disagreed with pretty much 100% of George W Bush’s policies, but she voted for him twice because he was “the pro life candidate”.