Differences with diagnoses mental health

I was wondering if anyone was skilled in mental health here and knew the differences between ND-PAE and BPD traits. Thanks

Not my area of expertise, but seem quite different.


Borderline personality disorder | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Appreciate the links

The two are very different.

My I ask why the question is being posed?

Borderline personality disorder is often a catch all.

The other is a subset of fetal alcohol syndrome. That is where the alcohol has damaged the fetus.

Not really the same thing. While some symptoms are similar, they’re not related disorders.

A good example is fas has physical signs where borderline does not.

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Thanks. My son has a neuropsych appointment and I think my wife and I have done a little too much internet reading as well as reading his adoption file

He’s had 2x a week therapy which has helped but are trying to figure out what meds he should be on as he came to us with five meds. He has average intelligence but has some memory and behavior issues mostly at home not so much at school

From observing his behavior, we are definitely concerned about his self control ability and the extreme variation in attachment from one minute to the next. I don’t know how much that is just being a teenager. Thanks so much for the kind reply

Can’t and won’t give medical advice but I can give a layman opinion.

Was he diagnosed with both?

Don’t self diagnose. It’d a rabbit hole. Question the diagnosis and seek a seek opinion but never self diagnose.

How old is he? I’m not a fan of heavy medications paths for children. We tend to grow out of some of our behaviors but I am not suggesting you stop medication. Just realize some behaviors stop as we mature. Many boys are young and full of energy. It’s normal.

Borderline is a general we can’t classify you. So we throw that at you.

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He’s an 11 year old preteen. The previous psychiatrist has not returned phone calls and has only accepted requests for medical records from our psychiatrist but our psychiatrist who has been given a release is unable to obtain them.

The diagnosis thus far is adjustment disorder. There’s no other psychiatric information available. It is extremely clear the older one is ADHD but the younger one, we are really unsure why he’s on the meds he’s on and why he’s not responding well

Psych meds are complicated. Look at the success rate of mediation and you’ll see it’s a crap shoot at best.

Pain relief is less complicated. Most people respond to opioids in a similar fashion. Well except gingers but they don’t have souls.

Psych meds seem to have less success. It was frustrating as hell trying to treat people. You give one person a drug and they come out a changed person. You give another and they go home to commit suicide.

Instead of getting the old files. It may be best to start over. Make sure the original diagnosis was correct.

Also look for a doctor who specializes in children. As I said I’m not a fan of medicating children. They’re still growing and developing. My speciality was military related. I dealt with mainly things like transgender, homosexuality, depression, etc. I had to weed out the people who were mentally Ill and those pretending to get out of service.

I personally didn’t look at files till I evaluated the patient myself. I often found the work of others substandard.

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Thanks so much winter

That is helpful. When reviewing his placement paperwork, it definitely shows DMDD as his primary diagnosis and ADHD as a secondary so this is helpful going into his eval he’s having. But the Abilify, Mirtazapine, Imipramine, Focalin and Intuniv don’t appear to be helping that much so we are definitely trying to figure the underlying causes of behaviors.

I remember the older one being ADHD with ODD. He’s required a lot less skill but requires consistency

Do what? I thought you said he was 11. Call your pharmacist and see which of those are allowed for that age.

I didn’t do children but I suspect many of those are not rated for pediatric use.

Also why two adhd drugs?

Go talk to your pharmacist.

Thanks they are the most knowledgeable

They’ll know contradictions, age, etc better. That’s what they’re trained to do.

Due to the age of the child, I’d lean on the pharmacist to help make sure the meds are appropriate.

Do you have insurance? Other they’ll have a team for complex cases to assist as well. It’d be worth calling to see if they offer that service. Obviously their goal is to keep cost down but they’ll have experts review the files.

Yes the kids have Medicaid and we also have them on our private insurance

For social services like psych rehab we are using the Medicaid but are covering most things with our wife’s insurance. The meds are the primary reason we are seeking evals. The other kid with ADHD has clonidine, guafacine, and Focalin as well as Risperdone and Mirtazapine

I don’t want to sound like Tom Cruise here, but I think that is way too many drugs for a kid.


Just don’t start jumping up and down on your couch.


100% agree. We’ve had them less than 10% of the time they were on these drugs