Diet doesn’t mean weight loss. Diet is what you want.

What diets does everyone follow?

I typically do a Paleo diet. I never had an issue with the SAD (Standard American Diet) until maybe 10 years ago. I am starting to think I have an issue with gluten. Scientifically that is bullshit as I have no markers to gluten but there is something that triggers some bad reactions in which go away on Keto and Paleo.

I need to lose about 15lb to get into running shape and I’m doing lower carb. Not Atkins per se but cutting out beer and simple carbs. Doing this I should lose about 2lb a week. That’s not typical though, almost every day of the week either I run 4 or 5 miles or i mountain bike 9-18 miles.

That’s just healthy eating.

We consume a lot of carbs we don’t need

I’ll go low carb/keto when I need to drop a few pounds, but I like whiskey and tacos too much to stick to it. I usually follow a 80-20 diet where 80% if what I eat is pretty healthy and 20% pure junk. During the week I usually have egg whites with veggies for breakfast, a big salad or wrap with a lot of veggies and a lean protein for lunch and anything I want for dinner. We avoid as much processed food as we can.

Try sourdough next time you get a chance, and ensure it is a genuine sourdough if at all possible (big name labels push the truth, to say the least). That is reportedly much easier on the system.

I used to be hardcore low carb/paleo, but now I just minimize bread/grains and tend to prioritize animal protein foods (with the fat) with accompanying vegetables/fruits. I still enjoy carb foods whenever I want, because I am not downing them at every meal – and often I skip meals altogether, especially breakfast.

That’s a lot of word salad, sorry. I just don’t really fit into a label anymore, but if I had to summarize, I’d call myself 75% Atkins-paleo blend.

I love cardio for health, but I have my suspicions it is not super helpful for weight loss & some cases may be counterproductive due to the long-term low grade stress on limited muscular areas.

These days I pound the weights for an hour a day or so, to challenge all of my muscle groups over a 3-4 day period. The idea is to keep my metabolism on fire at all angles & have every area putting my food calories to immediate use.

Not crapping on your plan, just saying if the lbs don’t melt off as planned you might try rebalancing towards more weights/less cardio.

If you cut 500 calories a day you’ll lose a pound a week. It’s not that difficult if you watch the things that really add up like cheese, mayo, high sugar drinks and carbs. A woman I work with eats at Chipotle almost every day, she made a few changes and cut almost 500 calories just from that.

I absolutely believe in the fitness and weight loss benefit of weight training. I have a bum shoulder right now that I’m rehabbing, impacts push-ups and pull-ups. I’m not running and riding to lose weight, if anything that shit makes me hungry all the time. I’m doing it because I enjoy it and I’ve got races coming up I need to train for.

Probably the best advice for nutrition I can offer anybody is to shop the outer areas of the store, don’t go down the aisles and eat stuff that came in a box. Don’t eat white foods (rice, potatoes, sugar).

Vegetables and fruits are carbs. They’re just not overly processed carbs.

The problem with processed food is the bliss point. They add sugar to everything to make it ‘better’. Sugar task overly sweet to me. It’s why I don’t use ketchup. It taste like sugar to me.

It’s why I don’t like most deserts. They just taste overly sweet to me.

I do crossfit which is HIT. The weights are the cardio. We do some cardio by itself but mainly low weight/high reps.

Almost every day?? Jesus, is she rich? lol

I would add not to cut any more than 500 cals per day, as any deeper can trigger the body’s starvation survival response, and crash the metabolism. Then you have a lower “calories out” sabotaging your lower “calories in.” This mainly applies to people with chronic high insulin, and that’s why a 2-week Atkins-style carb cut can be very helpful prior to cutting out calories consciously.

I would also say to ensure the remaining foods are of the highest quality practical, as micronutrient imbalances can also trigger hunger & make weight loss miserable.

Same. I like running a couple miles a couple times a week, but that’s it. Races/events are cool though, that makes it fun. That reminds me, I am going to look for a tough mudder or something this summer, hopefully there are some available post-lockdown.

i.e. addicting. And it works on millions of people.

I don’t like ketchup either, never have. It really is just sugar. Fries for instance are bad enough with all the concentrated carbs, excessive salt, and unstable vegetable oils (used to be beef tallow, which was much better) – no need to make it worse by adding HFCS.

I love good fries. Just need salt.

Ketchup taste like pure sugar to me. It’s disgusting.

I enjoy savory of sweet.

Im on a fries kick of late but high quality fries with garlic aioli or sriracha. Just like a good steak doesn’t need A1, good fries don’t need ketchup.

Lots of hidden calories and sugar in condiments, sauces and salad dressing.

No and that’s because she eats out so often and has 2 Starbucks $5 drinks every day, but that’s a topic for another thread.

Instead of a burrito she switched to a bowl with healthier add ins. The burrito tortilla adds like 300 calories along with cheese and the rice it’s over 500 calories. She gets a bowl with a protein, lettuce, beans, salsa and sometimes guacamole.

I can relate to the craving. I used to get an Americano almost every day, and I finally realized the drink was not worth the far greater cost over time.

I did a long term trip and bought a coffee maker – full size & all – for $11. Figure my total cost per cup of coffee at $0.82, which includes amortizing the cost of the pot & filters over the course of my trip.

Much greater value than $3.50 a pop.

That’s how I was with Keurig. I have a drip coffee maker and not only is the coffee much cheaper it’s actually coffee instead of water with coffee flavor.

Do you still have the Ninja coffee pot?

Yeah got that one still at home. Was a gift. I would not have chosen to buy it, because I do not think the benefits are worth the extra cost (in fact I don’t especially think there are any extra benefits), but we enjoy it and it works fine.

If you want the best cup of coffee and are willing to take the time, a French Press is amazing.
I only use it about twice a month, but I take it camping with me to make my morning coffee.

I bought one because of you review. It actually makes a good cup of coffee, it’s easy to fill and clean. I have no complaints.

I can’t remember what we paid but it wasn’t out of line for the others.