Did we really need an entire department for this?

Holy crap, can we please add bureaucratic nightmares to an already bloated Federal Government.

As we have seen over the last months elections have consequences.

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Unfortunately the families of 13 dead US soldiers have recently learned that.

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The Federal Government is a place where worthless individuals with no career ambitions go to draw a salary and pension while achieving nothing and not being held accountable. If I ever get tired of working hard in the private sector and decide to just coast into retirement, I’m definitely interviewing with the Federal Government. Im way over qualified, but I can do nothing with the best of them…

My friend got a job about 8 years ago working for ss processing disability claims. After his first week of on the job training he started processing them himself. His supervisor told him to slow down and he was only expected to process 2 claims per day. He said it only took about an hour per claim because his job was just checking for proper documentation.

When I was in college, I got a job with the paint department. I was teamed up with a 30 year painting pro. We could clean, patch, and repaint a 2 bedroom apartment in a day and a half. Other crews with more people took 4-5 days. We were instructed to slow down. We started taking afternoon naps and would still get done in 2 days.