Did NFL Make Fatal Error?

When the viewership numbers come in (how they track streaming I don’t know) and advertisers see a considerably lower viewrship than other NFL games, they will be the ones to turn it around. Streaming services like Peacock or Amazon may spend a billion dollars for the rights to air the game, but I am not sure that many would get that streaming service for a handful of games. I will watch whatever is on over the air TV. For the home teams (Buffalo and Los Diego) , the local stations air the game, so at least they had the opportunity to watch.

Thursday Night Football has been on Amazon prime, other than the poor production it’s not a big deal to me. I’m sure the NFL has a plan for streaming instead of airing games on network TV and will go with what makes them the most money.

Don’t ask me on how I know this, but there are ways to watch every NFL game…whether televised or not.

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I keep forgetting to watch the Thursday night game. Amazon needs to step up the broadcast I have times where I fast forward and the picture quality sucks until it catches up

We often go out on Thursday night but agree about the production value of games on Amazon Prime. It’s better than when it first started but still not great. YouTube TV has a decent “catch up” for sports.

It used to be in the old days that the big satellite dishes could pick up the raw feed of games and some shows. Made for some fun entertainment.

They might get some money initially, but again, the price a network or service is willing to pay is based on advertising revenues that they recieve. If Amazon pays a billiion to run Thursday night football, but the advertising revenues can’t justify that, when the contract runs out, they won’t renew. And the NFL will have to find another sucker willing to pony up the big bucks for a limited return.,

That’s what I said, the NFL will go with what makes them the most money.

Yes I love the catch up by key plays option. It also records all the games for me after I set it up. I get them all by the day after as the NFL network runs them all

The NFL used to have a Cliff Notes version of every game that took an hour, but they don’t do that anymore. On Sundays I’ll switch between a game I want to watch and the Red Zone, which is pretty awesome.

ANd what I am saying is that might be short term thinking. Streaming services looking for exposure will overpay. But THEIR income will come from advertisers, The NFL has made thier money. Future deals will rely on increased ad revenues to the streaming platforms. IF that doesn’t justify the expense to have rights to the games, either won’t get back in with another contract, or will demand a lower price for the rights.

The NFL has been making the right decisions for decades.
I would venture a guess that they thought this out.

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We’ll see. Apparently the only way to see the game mentioned was on Paramount. If you live Buffalo or LA, you could see the game on over the air networks. But would you be wiling to sign up for Paramount to watch a handful of games?

FWIW, the WJ article was trying to play on the right wings hatred of teh NFL over the kneeling bullshit. Because their “poll” wasn’t about buying or watching Paramount…it was “Do you still watch the NFL”. 77% said they didn’t so their readers would have no reason to give a shit about it.

That wasn’t in the title of this thread, why are you bringing it up?


CNon beat me to to it with this thread. I have been saying for a while that the NFL has gotten into the habit of chasing the almighty dollar without thinking much about how it affects the product. This is yet another example.

I am going on memory here, but I believe it was si.com columnist Albert Breer who made the point that many of the new NFL owners are businessmen who are looking to make money and were not around for the NFL’s earlier years and thus have a lot less appreciation of the product side. Many of those right decisions were made by those previous owners and not the current ones.

I remember the good old days when there was one game (occasionally two) on Sunday afternoon on CBS in glorious black and white. It was seldom a home game in NFL cities because of the sell out rule. Then the AFL came along and their games were on NBC, also sometimes two on Sunday.

It was in the article, and I rolled my eyes reading what the author wrote. I think he exaggerated big-time and is full of shit up to his eyeballs.

And it’s also worth noting that the NFL has survived genuine existential crises before, in the form of the infamous era of national anthem protesting that rocked the league in the mid-2010’s.

Fans left the league in droves after that, though a good number appear to have returned.

For what is is worth, the Western Journal was not the first site to write about this subject. This is the first article I saw yesterday: