Deshaun Watson suspended 11 games, fined $5 million after settling personal conduct case with NFL

If true, it looks like the NFL and Watson wanted to avoid going to court, which would have happened had the NFL’s arbiter issued a stronger punishment like the NFL wanted. I also think Watson was smart to cut his losses, as he no doubt saw the final outcomes of court challenges to the NFL punishment like Tom Brady and Deflategate.

With the deal the Browns gave him, his financial losses will be minimal.

This is the smartest decision for both sides.

I can’t say that it will break my heart to see the Browns have to pay almost all of Watson’s 2022 salary while only having him a available for one-third of the season. That is what they get for playing games like that.

And he doesn’t know when to just keep his mouth shut.

I think the NFL would have lost as it was their selected person who came up with the punishment. Goodell needs to go

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(Not directed at you, but at Watson)

The NFL would have most likely prevailed for the same reason it did with Deflategate. There is a negotiated CBA in place and courts are very reluctant to step in in such cases where the CBA governs, no matter how absurd the CBA or a punishment under it may appear to be.

For what it is worth, I think Watson got off way too easy. I would have liked to have seen a much larger fine, that took money out of Watson’s pocket but did not save the Browns from paying the full amount they owe him from their creatively-structured contract either.

agree 100%.
I think the only real way to stop this type of thing is to find a way to financially punish the teams that sign players like Watson.

And Cleveland Clowns fans are showing their class: