DeShaun Watson - seven lawsuits and counting

I wonder if this will affect any trade and, if so, by how much.

I saw a few text messages, this looks an awful lot like ambulance chasing. I assume a few or maybe all of these women tried to get a settlement out of Deshaun and he told them to pound sand.

Of course if this stuff is true then it’s beyond stupid. Should’ve hired pros and had them sign a rock solid NDA.

Don’t know the veracity of the claims.
But it makes him almost untradable

I don’t know about that. I tend to agree with the unnamed GMs in the article that say that it all depends on how it shakes out. These are all civil lawsuits, not criminal, so there is no jail time in the equation. The big thing is how much Roger Goodell wields the NFL conduct policy.

Once this thing clears, as soon as Watson is able to play I bet there will be a few franchises that would still be ecstatic to have him.

If he beat the shit out of a girl, he’d only get a 4 game suspension.

I’m a Dolphins fan and I’d take Deshaun even with this baggage. I reserve the right to change my opinion if more info comes out.

Agreed once it clears.
But there is no team that will trade for him right now and this may drag out for a while.
The only team he is playing for this year is the Texans.

Up to twelve now, with up to ten more possibly to come.

OK, question.
I am not trying to excuse behavior, I am not trying to victim blame, and I am not trying to delegitimize professional massage therapists.
But, DeShawn Watson has literally the best massage therapists in the world at his disposal through his team, why would he hire massage therapists to come to his house?
The other question, is there a “code” when hiring for a massage that says you are requesting a “happy ending”? I ask this because I just don’t know.

I could see somebody wanting to have a massage done in private in his own home by somebody he hired personally.

I have no idea and am just guessing. However, I doubt very much there is any such code in general. And, these days, anybody assuming there is such a code would have to be a total idiot.

More on the subject, here is another article on one of the lawsuits that is the most problematic for Watson:

It just seems weird to me.
Don’t you think it would get around in the profession, “Don’t go to Watson’s house to perform a massage, he is looking for more”?

I’ve never heard of a therapist that would go to your house being a rub and tug pro. This is another case of a celebrity thinking to himself ‘of course she wants to jerk me off!’. Idiot.

That is highly likely the case, but I am giving Watson the benefit of the doubt for now.

There are prostitutes that will come to your house, do just about anything you want for under $500. For $1,000 you can get a very hot one. Sounds like he was being cheap.

Point I’m making is that he was propositioning professional massage therapists for sex. Either Deshaun thinks all massage professionals also do rub and tugs or that these women would love to yank on his Johnson because he’s so famous.

I’m aware of outcall prostitution.

I have a massage therapist that I have gone to for over 10 years. She does not make “house calls”…and she’s one of the best deep tissue massage therapists in town. She’s quite attractive and she is a 5 time world champion bodybuilder. The only one who gets a happy ending is her husband.

And Deshaun Watson, in his mind anyway.