Cameron Kinley: Navy denies football team captain’s request to delay service and try to play in the NFL (

I know nothing of this topic but he is request seems fair based on the article. It seems they normally let them serve after their NFL Career.

It also sounds like he negotiated before accepting but looks like it isn’t in the contract.

While I am a stickler, I don’t see his request as wrong. He isn’t asking to be released but to delay his service.

It would be a good recruiting tool and kind of just the right thing to do.

Is this common though? The article listed several other cadets they did allow to play in the NFL.

That would be what sways my opinion. If this is common, he should be allowed to go and play in the NFL. I think it is a great recruiting tool for the military.

Make him do reserve duty until his career is over then he has to do his 5 years of active.

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After reading the article it seems like the military hasn’t changed much in the 25 years since I got out.
It appears that it is up to each commander as to what they want to do.

AH I must have missed that part. As I said this is NOT my field of knowledge. Just seems like a good idea as it promotes the Navy and the academy.

People asked why the military helps with movies. Top Gun was the best recruitment ad.

When I first went Active Duty, I was still in the Reserve.
So I had to get a waiver to let me out of my Reserve contract. There was no real protocol, just had to write a letter and some Colonel in Chicago either approved or denied it.
Also when I was in, in order to apply for helicopter pilot training you had to have 20/20 vision. An officer could get a waiver for this, but enlisted couldn’t.

with no surgeries and no corrective lenses.

For a long time they would only allow PRK and not Lasik surgery. The concern was the flap would come up under pressure.

That never made sense to me and specialist said it is complete bunk but that was the rules.

Ya, I wore contacts that made me 20/20, but I was enlisted. If an officer applied with the same vision as me, the could get a waiver.
I had Lasik after I got out. In the 90’s it was still pretty new so no active duty member could get it if I remember right.

As I recall, David Robinson was allowed out, and they made up some excuse about the Navy beds not being long enough for him.

I think that is right, but not 100% sure

I think it was because he was too tall for submarine or aircraft duties. He grew a ton his senior year of high school. I loved watching him play in college. I remember an incredible game he played at Kentucky and got a standing ovation when he fouled out.

I assume they’re similar to the army beds. If so, I am 6’2 and barely could fit.

I am 6’3" and when deployed I had to have my footlocker at the end of my bunk for my feet.

Tell lthat to Roger Staubach

Yep. He served 4 years after graduating, including a year in VietNam.

We were at the peak of the Vietnam war. Things are different now

Thanks for your service, crparrothead and Wintermute!

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