Defense wins championships

Defense wins championships? My team is determined to prove that saying wrong.

They may also set a record for torn ACLs.

Between the coach and overpaying Wilson, you guys may be SOL for a few years.

IDK if the coach is a bust. If so, he can be replace. I also DK if Wilson is a bust. If so, you’re right, we’re SOL. He can’t have lost all ability in a few months.

No, but IMO, there is growing evidence that Pete Carroll has a system that makes QB’s look better than they are.
Geno Smith has never looked even remotely this good.

See what he can do with Tebow.

Well, if Urban Meyer couldn’t make Tebow an NFL player, nobody can.

Nobody can, but you won’t convince some Broncos fans of that.

Actually, he might have made it as a player, if he’d agreed to switch to TE the first time around. He never would have as a QB.

I can’t remember the coach at that time, but it shows that he had some brains to scheme around what Teboe could do and actually make the playoffs.

McDaniels pushed to draft him, John Fox got stuck with him and made the best of it. They won a playoff game on a miracle play and it was enough to convince some people that Tebow could win, despite the fact that he couldn’t do anything teams need QBs to do.

Tebow was a good College QB. At the Pro level, it was too much for him.

Which begs the question, how did he get another head coaching job?

Good question. He had too much power, probably partly because the owner at the time was in cognitive decline. The thing that lost it for me was when I found out he hired the Patriots videographer who had already violated rules with the Broncos.

At least he had to wait several years for his next HC job.

And that is turning out just as could be predicted

Yeah, my prediction of the AFC West being dominant is looking worse by the week.