Deep fry

So, my daughter is back for a week from working at camp so that she could compete in Speech and Debate Nationals.
Our thing is to deep fry things.
Just an FYI, deep fried uncrustables are amazing!!

Hmm, I may need to invest in a deep fryer. I have an air fryer and it does a few things very well but it is limited.

Moderation my friend.
When lockdowns first happened we were deep frying everything.

Mac and Cheese
Mozzarella sticks
Kit Kats

It was crazy in this house.

Don’t do it!!! You will have to add many miles to your runs. We had a small deep fryer for awhile that made great onion rings, but our downfall was doughnuts. We had to get to get rid of it.

Cheap can biscuits, poke a hole, deep fry, dust with sugar.
Best homemade doughnuts ever.

I don’t have a deep fryer but the past month I have experimented with deep frying chicken for buffalo chicken and General Tso’s chicken.

Were a few weeks away from powwow. We make fry bread. We typically fry about 20# of flower for fry bread. Also 20# of meat and 10 gallons of corn soup. That is just for my wife’s family that comes in. It’s a feast!

I personally like to grill everything. Right now I have bacon wrapped pork tenderloin on the grill for dinner. Here was some from the grill while camping last weekend.

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I have been bugging my family for a Blackstone gas griddle. But they bought me a cast iron griddle for my grill and it is awesome

We made them from scratch. It took a few tries to get the dough right, but after that it was all downhill, right to the scales. We were addicted, and it showed. That’s why we decided to just say no.

The only things I deep fry are tortilla chips and zucchini in the summer when we have way too much from the garden. I use a Lodge cast iron pan to shallow fry on my grills side burner, for me frying creates a mess.

I have had tried uncrestables, oreos, Twinkies and a few other county fair staples. Pretty good but IMO way too sugary.

I have a large cast iron griddle for my gas grill that makes awesome smash burgers, but I don’t think I’d get much use out of a Blackstone. I’ve watched some YouTube videos and IMO a flat top is kind of limited, you can do the same things with a griddle on a grill.

I really wanted one, but my family is smarter than me and the cast iron griddle for my grill is definitely enough for me

I have a 42" propane grill and a 36" blackstone griddle as my primary cookers now. I miss the charcoal grill but don’t miss the mess and setup time. Currently doing home remodel and these are put away until the new porch is completed. Currently cooking on my portable grill I use for camping. Tonight I am making ribeye fajitas at my parents house on their blackstone.

I have a Weber Genesis grill that I have hooked into the gas line in my house, so if I ever run out of gas while cooking, I have bigger problems than a half finished dinner. I buy Mesqiute wood chunks at the store and put it in aluminum foil and preheat the grill until the wood starts to smoke. Then cook. The food picks up a nice, smokey flavor

My grill has a smoke chamber in one of the grates. I put pellets in there and it does the same thing.

My old one was hooked up to natural gas. One day I was grilling and forgot to turn off the grill. The next weekend, I went to grill and realized that the grill was left on all week and never shutoff. My natural gas bill was about $200 higher than normal. I can easily plumb my current grill to the house propane tank but I don’t want a repeat. Plus I refill my BBQ propane tanks at home from my 3,000 gallon tank so if I run out, I don’t have far to go to refill my tank.

I have forgotten for a couple of hours, but when it’s done, I put the cover on it, so I can catch when I messed up. I did have one thing that was unusual…One night my dogs were barking about activity on the side of my house. I have a gas furnace, water heater and a gas log fireplace. Then the doorbell rang and it was the gas company asking if any gas appliances were running. it was July so I went to the basement to check the water heater - it wasn’t running. He was about to leave when i told him that I had the grill. He went back and checked (I leave the gas valve on) and lo and behold, there was a small hole in the line from the house to the grill…some varmint chewed thru it. We shut the valve off and the meter stopped. I asked how they knew and they said that a gas company employee lives in the neighborhood and was walking his dog and smelled gas. I didn’t smell anything. What’s a bit scary is that back then I smoked and would do so on the back deck - just a few feet from the grill.

Just the other night I went to my inlaws to install a window AC for them. As soon as I stepped out of the truck, I smelled propane. Yep, it was a tiny leak at a fitting on top of the tank. Most leaks that are outdoor is not going to be as dangerous as you might think. A few days ago, I got home from work and my house smelled like propane. Someone (i.e. toddler) moved the stove knob. We typically take the knobs off but someone forgot to. A house smelling like propane is a dangerous situation because it is easy to get the air to gas ratio ideal for explosion in enclosed area. I opened the doors and windows and shut off the power in the back yard. Let it air out and moved back in.

Also bought a good panini press a few months ago, that thing is awesome.

When our George Foreman grill died, we bought a Cuisinart Griddler. It has reversible plates and can make waffles, pancakes, paninis, eta. It gets a lot of use.