Credit score

Curious. My credit score has been very stable for a while, ranging from 825 to 826. I paid off my mortgage at the beginning of November and in the couple of months leading to that, I had a drop in my score, all the way down to 815. Now, a month after the payoff, it’s back up to 829.

I know even an 815 is a non-problem. Just curious why the drop at all. I do want to buy a car soon, but I’m not sure if I’ll wait until COVID is past. At the least, I’ll probably hold off until mid-January, after the holiday increase is past.

You paid of a long term contract loan. Those help your credit score as it shows you were responsible in paying. Basically it lowers the average age of your credit.

I sold some long term properties and had a hit of 100 points for a few months.

I took out a mortgage and it dropped by 60 points from 812 to 745. But it’s recovered to the 770s. Credit Karma dipped to the high 600s from 750 and is back to the 740s.

I haven’t opened or closed any lines of credit since buying the home. My credit utilization has ranged between 12% and 19%