Covid vaccine study finding contradicts lockdown rule

Covid vaccine study finding contradicts lockdown rule (

Gotta exercise and see people.

Zero COVID ignored the importance of natural or vaccine immunity and put disease prevention ahead of the understanding of those most likely to die from COVID. Zero COVID also ignored the importance of a woman planning to become pregnant to develop antibodies either from vaccine or natural immunity

Zero COVID was a bad public health policy

are some places still locked down? Otherwise, we can’t change what we did two years ago when we didn’t know two years ago.

But we can hold those who made shitty decisions accountable for making decisions based upon known bad data.

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We know who the shutdowns hurt the most.

Those that shut down schools will blame everyone but themselves and whine they need more money.

Though kids from Texas and Florida probably did just fine - as those states didn’t shutdown and those kids actually learned something more than racial polarization or gender theory

Honestly, I’m having a bit of an issue drawing a line between immunity and lockdowns. I’ll agree that having a strong physical shield probably could shield infection. But I suspect that a few hundred pushups a day isn’t going to make you anymore immune than distancing yourself from the already infected.

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Posted this is an older thread but relevant here as well. To the surprise of no one:

The pandemic hit when my son was a freshman at college, he and his buddies made a ton of money tutoring online for 25 to 30 bucks an hour. A lot of the parents in our school district organized study groups and some even got together and hired retired teachers to keep their kids up on their education. Our school district also gives every student a Chrome Book and was able to transition to remote learning very quickly, the suburban schools opened much sooner than the Chicago public schools. The Chicago teacher unions kept the schools closed months longer than surrounding districts.

The problem is kids don’t read anymore. They play video games or surf the internet.

Once you learn the basics of reading, you get better by reading more often

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A lot of libraries were closed during the pandemic, ours opened and closed several times because of state mandates (democrats), the local authorities tried to keep it open.

I don’t have a link, but I saw or heard a story that compared the decline in student performance between Florida and Texas which did little of the school closings, and California which did extensive lockdown and remote teaching. The declines were about the same for all three states. Not decisive, but interesting for sure.

Ours burned down about a month before the pandemic closed anything.

Accident or book burning that got out of control?

The lockdown cost me a few hundred dollars, my wife is an avid reader but she likes real books and won’t read an ebook. She donated most of the books to the library last summer.

Our local library did a really good job of going 100% online with doorside pickup.

I posted about it a while back. A couple of teens set a small fire that went out of control in an outdated building with no sprinkler system. Two firefighters died.

Yup, now I remember.

I seen the word study, and guess who came to my mind. Remember “Sceptic” and the China study from Clark Howard board about 20 years ago Bears?