Covid test Q

Quick question. My kid and I, both fully vaxed, got Covid tests yesterday. The kid had a sore throat and spiked a 100.9 Wednesday night. Probably just a cold, but we want to be cautious.

Results are supposed to be to us within 24-72 hours. My question is, how does the weekend fit into that? It’s after 6:00 now, so no results yet. Will I get them on the weekend, or are we likely waiting until Monday or Tuesday?

I talked to the LHI-Care people and they said they’re open on the weekend and thought the testing company was too, but weren’t sure. They gave me the name of the testing company, but looks like no way to contact them.

I wasn’t super concerned about it, but my MIL passed away last night and if possible, I wanted to be there with the family. I’m not going up there, especially around my 75YO FIL, until I have results.

I’m sorry for your family’s loss.


Sorry for your loss.

Test results probably vary by location. Around here it takes a long time.

You can get the at home tests for as cheap as $14 for 2 pack at Walmart. Biden just mandated that private insurance pay for at home tests. We use them anytime someone in the house is sick. With little ones in school, normal stuff keeps coming up. So far not covid yet.

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Depends on the lab but most labs are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Some samples have to be processed in hours or they are no good.

If they are closed weekends. I suspect that’s why they say 72 hours.

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Sorry for your loss