Country music

I found a new artist I like;

Richard Lynch, sounds like old country

A song with Leona Williams, Haggard’s 3rd ex wife. LOL.

If you’re looking for throwback stuff, do you know Dale Watson?

Don’t know him but will look him up.

Just pulled him up.

This is one of my favorite country songs which was written and sung by Bobbie Gentry in 1967

A little Santa Fe country.

I love that song.

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Full disclosure, a local brewery has what they call “broga” where you get a free beer after the session. I did it earlier this year and felt great afterwards. They had to stop during the fall due to only being able to do it outdoors, but I am going to start again in the spring.

There’s still a lot of mystery around her, and the song. The Cocaine & Rhinestones podcast did a whole episode on it.

mcarley - what did they think was thrown off the bridge. When I first heard that song I thought it was a baby and Billy Joe couldn’t live with the guilt so he committed suicide. I know some people think the song was about different reactions to suicide and what was thrown off the bridge didn’t matter.

Depends on who you talk to. Some are certain it was a baby, some something else. Gentry says it was a MacGuffin, something just thrown into the song.

mcarley - thank you for telling me about that podcast. I found it on the net and it was very interesting.

It is. I’ve been waiting over a year for season two.

BTW, Tyler Mahan Coe, who makes that podcast, is the son of country musician David Allen Coe.

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