…til some dumbass sports reporter writes an article on why the Jets should sign Colin Kaepernick.
I say before the next Jets kickoff.


I would almost give that a pass since it is originally a tweet from Jemele Hill, but the author had an opportunity to ignore it (as all sane people should do), and yet decided to write a story.

I have to say, I was not expecting it that fast.

more fun is some say they should get Brady. That would be real fun

Brady is done, he wants to golf and chase super models.

but if they ask the question …

So do I.

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In all fairness, he does manage to catch them.

In fairness, the author also wrote about the responses to Hiill’s tweet. Heck, the headline includes:

“This idea rhymes with cupid.”

Ya, anything said by Jemele Hill should not actually count.
I wouldn’t feel good taking this as a win.

I still think someone else will pick up the mantra.

Apparently it is not just Hill speculating.

Not that anything will come from this.

Wow, sooner than I thought.

And, RGIII would sign too if only NFL teams didn’t think he and Kaepernick woukd be distractions.

At least this article correctly describes it as “laughable”.

Terry Bradshaw may be available.

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So is Joe Namath

His knees are shot. Terry looks like he could play two positions.

Then they could really bring number 12 out of retirement.