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Earlier this year I bought my first MacBook which I love, but there is one thing I don’t like about it. With my previous laptops I could choose to delete my computer’s history without deleting cookies but with a macbook when you delete history that includes everything including cookies.

I don’t mind reentering passwords when I delete cookies, but the problem is that some websites don’t recognize my computer when I do. So whenever I delete cookies I have to go through an additional process of having a special code sent to me for a number of websites to verify who I am.

With this in mind, is it necessary to delete a laptop’s history on a regular basis?

I use two Windows’ computers (desktop and laptop) and have set the browsers (Edge and Firefox) to delete history, cookies and the cache every time the browser is shut down. I also use uBlock Origin as an ad and popup blocker. I run ccleaner every few days to get rid of the little scraps that Windows leaves behind elsewhere. For me, the act of signing in is not an issue, just something necessary.

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Are you using safari?

Wintermute - Yes, I am using Safari on my MacBook

I will take a look tomorrow. I think there is an option to leave the cookies.

Thank you, Wintermute!

Looking tonight

Looks like with Safari when you clean the history it now deletes all cookies by default. I need to look to see if there a way not to do that.

It does make sense to do that but normally you have an option to avoid it.

Wintermute - Thanks for trying. I appreciate it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You might like Chrome better than Safari on a Mac. I certainly prefer it for a number reasons You have more options for clearing and retaining history and cookies. You can even remove cookies for specified sites.

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SgtFriday - Thanks for the good suggestion!

That’s a liberal for you. Telling you what you should use :wink:

I haven’t checked that out. Ought to be interesting. Cookies are evil and convenient.

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