Come from behind wins

Which is the more impressive come from behind win in the past week?

Young girl loses shoe at starting block, stops, unsure what to do, then runs and wins.

Rich Strike, Kentucky Derby. I’m posting the overhead view because it shows more clearly how far back he was.

The video of Crawford’s daughter is funny.

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby?

That was crazy, the horse was only in the race because another horse pulled out.
I know it isn’t the longest odds to win a Derby, but has to be the most improbable winner in history.

To @crparrothead:

I know that you fondly remember these come-from-behind victories: :grin:

Wow, that was uncalled for!!

I will remember to wear my bullet proof vest next time I post on here!!

Hey, I am a Buffalo Bills fan from Pennsylvania. :grinning:

Good god, next you will tell me you lived in Iowa for a while!!

Although I don’t hate the Bill’s, cousin Frank was a good QB and is a really good coach.

I remember people talking about the odds when Buster Douglass beat Mike Tyson. But 80-1, I would love to have been in on. If only.

I’m voting for Crawford’s daughter. How many 7 year olds have the focus and mental toughness to stop, go back, put the shoe back on and then still outrun everyone else. If she goes into any serious athletic competition later in life, she could be very tough to beat.

A while back, I posted a similar question, regarding GOATs in their sport, with Secretariat as one of the options. It seems the posters on this board have something of a human bias.

The mental aspect is a good point.

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